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Jon Marshall Sun, 12/13/2009 - 02:38
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Hello Nepro

I never ever heard work with  NAC so i have a project with NAC solution for 1000 users with failover capability. Along with 200 users for Wireless capabilities?so plz advise to get start



NAC is a very large subject in it's own right. It is basically about checking the status of a device and if it is okay allowing it onto your network and if not either denying it or quarantining it until it is acceptable.

As i say this is a complex subject, start on this page and come back if you have further questions -

You may also want to post any further queries into the security forums rather than this forum.


Hello Jon and thanks for reply

Jon help in this topic:

I want to design a NAC with failover capabilities with 3 NAC Server(each one with a specified numbere of  Users)

1)How to acheive redaundancy in this case,i.e the phiscal connection to 2 6509 ?

what i mean,The 1st NAC Manager-1 has 2  link to DS-1 and DS2 while the NAC Manager-2 has also 2 links to DS-1 and DS2 ?is this right?

what about the other 3 NAC Server connection?how the coonection would be?



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