[CCM 4.1] processMGCPAuedRes parsing Package error

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Dec 15th, 2009
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       I am running vs. CCM 4.1 and I am getting error from the title. Below is the detailed trace of the call. The problem seems to be on the 200 OK to the AUEP but I do not figure out what is incorrect in the 200 OK message. It would be helpful some other debugging techniques besides the WireShark capture and CCM trace logs.



Detailed trace:

AUEP 296 [email protected] MGCP 0.1

F: X, A, I
12/15/2009 15:08:16.435 CCM|MGCPBhHandler - Wait for connection from ipAddr|<CLID::CCM-03-Cluster><NID::CCM-03><CT::1,100,67,1.770><IP::><DEV::>
12/15/2009 15:08:16.435 CCM|MGCPHandler received msg from:
200 296 OK

X: 2

L: p:20, a:PCMU, b:64, e:ON, s:ON

12/15/2009 15:08:16.435 CCM|MGCPHandler received RESP header w/ transId= 296|<CLID::CCM-03-Cluster><NID::CCM-03><CT::1,100,67,1.773><IP::><DEV::>
12/15/2009 15:08:16.435 CCM|<CLID::CCM-03-Cluster><NID::CCM-03><CT::1,100,67,1.773><MN::MGCPEndPoint><MV::[email protected]><DEV::[email protected]>
12/15/2009 15:08:16.435 CCM|MGCPHandler received RESP header w/ transId= 296 FOUND a match for AUED|<CLID::CCM-03-Cluster><NID::CCM-03><CT::1,100,67,1.773><IP::><DEV::[email protected]>
12/15/2009 15:08:16.435 CCM|MGCPHandler recv AUEP Ack from|<CLID::CCM-03-Cluster><NID::CCM-03><CT::1,100,67,1.773><IP::><DEV::[email protected]>
12/15/2009 15:08:16.435 CCM|MGCPHandler::processMGCPAuedRes parsing Package error (|<CLID::CCM-03-Cluster><NID::CCM-03><CT::1,100,67,1.773><IP::><DEV::[email protected]>
12/15/2009 15:08:16.435 CCM|MGCPStationD::wait_audit_MGCPAuditEndpointRes - only one codec supported by gateway detected.|

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asandborgh Tue, 12/15/2009 - 05:17
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Would it be possible to see the gateway confiuguration associated with the port/dial-peer/mgcp for this port?



ionut.gavaz Tue, 12/15/2009 - 06:58
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    I am running a network simulator tool instead of a regular Cisco router configured as a gateway. I cannot perform a show config on it, instead I have attached a packet capture with the messages exchanged. Please let me know if this helps!



asandborgh Tue, 12/15/2009 - 07:04
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Hi Ionut,

Sorry, I can't help with that - perhaps someone else on the forum can  though....

Good luck,


ionut.gavaz Tue, 12/15/2009 - 07:18
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Hi Art,

     I understand your relunctance in providing support for 3rd party applications but I wanted to give it a try anyway . From the Cisco product point of view, is there anything more I can do on the CCM besides enabling detailed traces in order to understand its' errors?

Thanks a lot,


asandborgh Tue, 12/15/2009 - 07:25
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HI Ionut,

It's not that it is third party - it's that my background is working with Cisco product, and in this case I don't have some very important troubleshooting tools - IOS debugs, configurations, show commands (like in this instance I would like to see show diag to see what kind of VIC we were dealing with).  It looks like the debug indicates that MGCP does not like the audit endpoint because your emulator only supports one codec.  But since I know nothing about the emulator that's where my t-shoot skills basically stop.



ionut.gavaz Tue, 12/15/2009 - 07:56
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Art,thanks a lot for your effort,anyway! Once I'll figure out the problem I will post here the solution.



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