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Dec 16th, 2009

Hi all, I have an issue on one customer. Several times the customer press de DND button when having a meeting, for example; the issue is that when a call came the phone is silent and that's fine but the unanswered calls does not go to the miss call directory and or the phone does not show miss calls on the display. For a external person that tries to reach the phone he hears ringback and does not know that the phone is on DND.

Is it possible with DND active to the phone register the unansewred calls so the customer can callback ?

Thanks on advance for your help?

Best Regards,

Jose Carlos

I have this problem too.
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Marcos Hernandez Wed, 12/16/2009 - 05:39

Hi Jose Carlos,

Currently, it is not possible to register missed calls for phones in DND state and I don't think you would want that (it defeats the purpose of DND). You could have our customer lower the ringer volume all the way down. That would give you the behavior you expect.


Jose Carlos Silva Wed, 12/16/2009 - 08:22

Hi Marcos, in that case what is the point of DND exist?

For me, and I know other vendors that work like this, the DND should give busy and not let the set in idle state, dont you agree?

Best Regards,

Jose Carlos

Marcos Hernandez Wed, 12/16/2009 - 10:12

From the documentation:

Information About Do Not Disturb

The Do Not Disturb (DND) feature allows phone users to disable audible ringing for incoming calls. When DND is enabled, incoming calls do not ring on the phone, however there is visual alerting and the call information displays, and a call can be answered if desired. When a local IP phone calls another local IP phone that is in the DND state, the message “Ring out DND” displays on the calling phone indicating that the target phone is in the DND state.

Phone users can toggle DND on and off by using the DND soft key in the idle or ringing call states. A SSCP phone user can toggle DND on or off in the ringing state only if DND in not already active on the phone. If DND is already active when a new call comes in, the SCCP phone user cannot change the DND state by pressing the DND soft key.

If an SSCP phone user toggles DND on during an incoming call, the DND state remains active for the current call only. If a SIP phone user toggles DND on during an incoming call, the DND state remains active during the current call and for all future calls until the user explicitly toggles DND off.

Pressing the DND soft key during an incoming call forwards the call to the call-forward no answer destination if Call Forward No Answer is enabled. If Call Forward is not enabled, pressing the DND soft key disables audible ringing and visual alerting, but the call information is visible on the phone display.

In Cisco CME 3.2.1 and later versions, DND can be blocked from phones with the feature-ring function. A feature ring is a triple-pulse ring, a type of ring cadence in addition to internal call and external call ring cadences. For example, an internal call in the United States rings for 2 seconds on and 4 seconds off (single-pulse ring), and an external call rings for 0.4 seconds on, 0.2 seconds off, 0.4 seconds on, and 0.2 seconds off (double-pulse ring).

The triple-pulse ring is used as an audio identifier for phone users. For example, each salesperson in a sales department could have an IP phone with a button sharing the same set of ephone-dns with the sales staff and another button for their private line for preferred customers. To help a salesperson identify an incoming call to his or her private line, the private line can be configured with the feature-ring function. You can disable the DND function on feature-ring lines. In the preceding example, salespeople could activate DND on their phones and still hear calls to their private lines.

Jose Carlos Silva Thu, 12/17/2009 - 03:02

Hi Marcos, thanks for you reply, everything you wrote I already read on the administration guide; I only wanted to see if he can do something else to improve this feature.

Thanks for everything.

Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New year.

Best Regards,

Jose Silva


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