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Dec 17th, 2009


we want to use Blocker to provide Email and Spam protection for our customers, like a small hoster without placing the appliance in the customers network, so that small companys can participate.

Because of that, we cant access their LDAP Server and the question is, how can the quarantaine feature be used without a ldap connection to verify the users ?

Can users without ldap login to the quarantaine website ?

In my opinion it is supportet to build a scenario like this, because its possible to add different smtp routes and domains, is this right ?



I have this problem too.
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bethingt Thu, 12/17/2009 - 09:40

The blocker can send notifications for SPAM quarantine that it uses a link to authenticate the users and direct them to there quarantine. You can set the days and time in which you wish the notification to spent. So you do not have to use LDAP for authentication for SPAM quarantine.


betterbits Fri, 12/18/2009 - 01:49

Hi Brian,

thanks for your answer.

The scenario I am planning will work / is supportet ?

The quarantaine link is a link to the whole quarantine list on the blocker for this email adress or is it a release link, like getting a list in your email and you can click a link "release" behind the message and the blocker will release this message ?


bethingt Sun, 12/20/2009 - 14:36

What you are wanting to do is not a supported by Cisco Small Business Support Center.



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