burleyman Thu, 12/17/2009 - 12:31

I don't think you will find someone to do your homework for you on this site. The purpose in gaining knowledge is to use that knowledge to think. If you are a CCNA student you should know subnetting and you can figure out a subent mask that will give you the range for the needed hosts. From there you should be able to draw up the needed switches and routers to set up your network. Again, I don't think you will find someone to do your homework for you but if you have a specific question about something that will get you going in the right direction go ahead and ask.


letsgomets Thu, 12/17/2009 - 13:06

10,000 hosts? You are going to need a lot of switches or hubs. Don't think you can get around that.

sachinraja Thu, 12/17/2009 - 13:25

10,000 hosts is a big number.. as mike said, this is a pretty flat requirement.. the design would actually depend on a lot of things.. how many million $ is the project worth ? what is the datacenter requirements ? what is the cabling plan ? how are the server connectivity going to be ? how many pairs of fiber cables would you need ? what are the applications used ? ... and so on ! with such a big network, one thing for sure is, you would need a 3 tier approach, with a core-distribution - access !!!


Leo Laohoo Thu, 12/17/2009 - 13:51

10,000 hosts and they gave the responsibility to a student and you need to submit the solution tomorrow?  Are you kidding???

Hmmm ... Sounds like a homework to me!


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