Unity 7 DIRT backup to another Domain

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Dec 22nd, 2009


I'm running Unity 7 in a VM only configuration with on box AD and Exchange.   I want to schedule regular DIRT backups to a storage server in another domain.   The problem I have is that DIRT will not allow me to put in credentials from another domain.   I get an error that it cannot validate the account.   Anyone know how I can get around this without creating a trust between the domains?



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lindborg Tue, 12/22/2009 - 08:43

Unfortunately if you put in the credentials for an account in another domain then the backup would fail - those credentials are used to bind to SQL, open the registry, attach to to the running AvCsMgr service in memory etc... during backup - all things DiRT must have access to.  If you are unwilling to creat a trust that can be used (i.e. use the two hop method - it'll backup locally and then move the files to the remote destination via the shared rights) then you will need to do a backup to a local location and run your own scheduled file mover using a seperate set of credentials to run that scheduled task.  I know a few sites that do things like this (for instance for moving it to a dedicated backup server or a digital tape backup device etc...).  Running a script under the guise of another domain account is easy enough - you just assign the task in the windows scheduler to run under that account.

DiRT, however, isn't going to be able to do this for you all under one roof.  IT'd have to ask for seperate accounts for backup tasks and then file moving tasks post backup which isn't going to happen I'm afraid.

glenn.martindel... Wed, 12/23/2009 - 09:11

Thanks for the reply.   Do you know where I can get a script that will copy the file(s) over

or how I can write one?



lindborg Wed, 12/23/2009 - 09:22

There's any number of file copy/sync tools out there you can use - but if it were me I'd just look at Windows XCOPY and write a batch file - if you have a drive mapped to the remote destination (and you've verified you can log in as the account in question locally and actually copy files to that location) then copying all the files and sub folders from the DiRT backup destination to the remote destination can be done easily - just look at the command line options for XCOPY to have it get sub folders (/S) and overwrite existing files without prompting (/R I think).

Should look something like "xcopy c:\full\path\to\dirt\backup\folder y:\full\path\to\target /S /R"

stick it in a BAT file and then set the Windows scheduler to run it - be sure to activate the schedule and assign it to run under an account that has rights to write to that remote destination (i.e. log in locally as that account and test it first).

just be sure to give diRT enough time to finish before this script is run - take a look in the DiRT log files and see how long it's typically taking on your scheduled backups and take on some extra time for safety.

lindborg Wed, 12/23/2009 - 09:29

use "/Y" to have it skip prompting overwriting files by the way... /R is to overwrite read only files - you can use both for safety...

glenn.martindel... Thu, 12/24/2009 - 08:41

Thanks again for the info.

I've found that you can workaround this by using a local account on the target backup server instead of a domain account.   As long as the usernames and passwords are the same on the Unity server and the backup server, this works just fine.




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