ICM Script Editor: Skill Group question

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Say I have something really basic here where:

IF statement check if an agent is available in GroupA

FAIL would route call to IF statement to check if agent is available in GroupB

Say there are multiple agents available in GroupA and it selects the next Ready state agent. The call has now routed to that agents CAD and phone. What happens if the Agent doesn't answer? Would it then be based on the call forward settings on the physical phone now? So if the phone was set to not forward anything on No Answer the call would just ring and ring? Or would the call be sent back to the first IF statement and picks another Agent? Hope this question came out clear.

I have this problem too.
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david.macias Tue, 12/22/2009 - 15:08

You need to configure RONA (re-route on no answer/return on no answer).  This will cause the call to fail out of your queue to skill group node and then ICM will be able to control the call accordingly.  A very common thing to do would be to send the call back to that skill group with a higher priority so it will be answered ahead of any other calls since you already tried to deliver the call once.  One other thing to check is the re-query status once the call RONAs, check the config guide for further details.  If using CVP check the config guide for CVP.



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