A problem with "white" IP pool routing - WRV200

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Dec 23rd, 2009

Hi, I have a one "white" IP: XX.XX.XX.74, gatweway XX.XX.XX.73, mask - 252,
and adittionaly 16 "white" IP XX.XX.XX.80/28 routing in provider on my IP (.74).

I Setup my WRV200 as:
"WAN side" Static IP: XX.XX.XX.74
         gatweway:  XX.XX.XX.73
  mask  -

"LAN side" - XX.XX.XX.81
mask -

DHCP range = 13
DHCP start adress = XX.XX.XX.82

In "LAN side" I have a one unit at XX.XX.XX.83 - (WiFi AP - with webinterface) and a computer at XX.XX.XX.90
(All there in "static IP" record in WRV200)

If i use WRV200 in mode "gateway" (NAT enable) - all unit can access in internet (ess from .74 IP)

But, if I switch WRV200 in mode "router" - I cant reach any site from computer.
But, I can access computer from internet on.90 - RDP, can ping .83 and .90 from internet, and on computer (90) a can ping  google.com and another site (DNS is working?!) and I can do "tracert" on google.com or another - "tracert" is simple when WRV200 in mode "gateway" all ok, but ALL programm on comp (90) - torret, brouser and else) cant reach internet.

Whats happening - why I can do right "tracert" on site, but cant access it on web???
(No firewall on .90, no disable rules on WRV200, WRV200 upgrading last firmware V.39, hard reset WRV200, reset it to factory default, but not working at all in "router" mode.)

Where my mistake?? Pleace, Help me ASAP, sorry of my english...

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Giuseppe Larosa Mon, 12/28/2009 - 01:50

Hello Andry,

I would suggest you to post this under small business that is dedicated to linksys devices.

I can only say that this kind of devices have templates "gateway" or "router" and it looks like you would need to enable both but this is probably not possible.

Hope to help


catsw_Andry Mon, 01/04/2010 - 05:22



Thanks for you answer, i`ll search all inet, but not found solution

And don`t undestand, why simple "work" - routing  not possible for WRV200...

I`ts so easy: on WAN side - one IP, in LAN side - pool /28 (16ps - mask 240) white IP (routing on provider to one IP(WAN), and all, what I want - use WRV200 on "router" mode, NAT don`t needs.

And I DON`T undestud, why in "router" mode I have exeleent PING on all site and TRACERT (FROM all IP in LAN side), DNS also working fine, but don`t have a access on WEB (may be port blocking internal firewall on WRV200?)

If I have a nice TRACERT & PING - routing table is right???

Before WRV200 I use Dlink 808 - all work fine... Or I can`t "tuning" my WRV200 right, or WRV200 can`t work - some bugs in FW or else...

Sorry of English and Thank`s for answer

Giuseppe Larosa Tue, 01/05/2010 - 02:12

Hello Andry,

>> If I have a nice TRACERT & PING - routing table is right???

this is correct

about WEB access are you trying from internet to access an internal web server, or you cannot use a broswer on a client to access the internet?

Unfortunately, I've no direct experience with this device.

If I understand correctly with white ip addressing you mean an IP address block given to you by your internet service provider and no NAT is involved.

Hope to help


catsw_Andry Tue, 01/05/2010 - 03:05

Hi Giuseppe!! Glad to see You, You one try to help me, many thanks

>>>>about WEB access are you trying from internet to access an internal web server, or you cannot use a broswer on a client to access the internet?

2-nd - I "cannot use a broswer on a client to access the internet" But - I can access broswer a client to reach WRV200 on "webinterface" - that broswer is working fine?! And I cant reach any site else, I try to enter IP (resolved) adress many site in broswer - also dont work.

From internet I can access computer "client" behind WRV200 Remote Desktop in ALL cases - in "gateway" mode on IP address WRV200, on "Router" mode - on IP adress from "pool" - (16 additional IP) - I`m write in WRV200 "port mapping 1024-65535" and "port trigering 1024-65535"

May be I somthing wrong in LAN side? I'll write WRV200 LAN:


DHCP - Enable

Start IP Address:  XX.XXX.XXX.82.  
Number of Address:    13
IP Address Range:   XX.XXX.XXX.82~94

But it`s not working on "router" mode - in "gateway" broswer on comp "client" is working fine...

And also I`ll try to set comp "client" in IP DMZ zone WRV200 - not working at "router" mode too - why - I cant undestand...

Also try to reinstall OS in "client" comp, change comp - not working at all....

May be one "little" checkbox is wrong on WRV200- but where it....

Very Big thanks for you help!!


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