SPA9000 / SPA400 voice cutting out every 5-10 seconds for 5-10 seconds.

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I installed a SPA9000, 1 SPA400, 4 SPA942 phones and 5 SPA901 phones using the latest wizard and updating all firmware as I went.  The SPA400 is contected to 1 PSTN line on FXO=1.  The 4 SPA942 phones use the SPA400 for a total of 4 voicemail boxes.  Line 1 on the SPA9000 is connected to and registers fine.  Line 2 is connected to SPA400 for the gateway to the PSTN line.  Innitially the system worked for a week before inbound and outbound calls (both lines) would cut out the audio every 4-10 seconds and reconnect again. (Repeating this annoying cycle continuously for the duration of the call.)  We have changed the Switch to a SLM240p and set all settings as per the SPA9000 setup manual.  I have set the router yesterday to reserve all the SPA phone ip's.  The SPA9000 as well as the SPA400 and switch all have static ip addresses.  The status on the SPA9000 shows all the phones as expected.  I have a very unhappy customer.  I would appreciate any help.  I have an active file with Cisco engineers who are trying to help me sort this out.

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William Childs Thu, 12/24/2009 - 04:28
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Does this happen on internal calls or calls from either the SPA400 or the ITSP? More specifically, does it happen only on calls over the PSTN (using the SPA400) or VoIP calls (using

Do you have any qos set up on your network?

Can you please setup a syslog server on a local pc and do some packet captures of the network traffic, and then post them here? You can use this process to capture the syslog messages : --- for SPA9000 --- for SPA400

Also here is how you can save the configurations and post them as well:  ----- SPA9000 ----- SPA400

With this information, I will be able to track down the break in the RTP stream, and possibly replicate your configuration in my test devices to look at the problem closer.


Thanks for the fast reply, Bill.

    I will get those syslog files to  you after Christmas.  At this time, the QOS is turned on in the switch  as per setup instructions for the SPA9000 along with the trap settings.   Incoming and outgoing calls through the SPA400 are affected.  Voicemail retrieval on the SPA400 is also affected.  I don't believe that  the ITSP line is affected but I am going to check that again with the  customer.


The problem still exists on all lines.  Changed the router Qos settings to give the SPA9000's ip ports 5060-5064 utp priority, saved the router settings and rebooted the router.  Phones worked great after that until the next morning  (no one uses the phones after about 7:00 pm.)  when the same problem started with the voice audio fading in and out every 4-10 seconds.  Most annoying.  I am going to reset the spa9000 to default settings and start again with the latest wizard.  I need to set up a syslog server on one of the pc's so I can log what the system is doing visually.

Alberto Montilla Mon, 01/04/2010 - 01:20
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Dear Sir;

Few questions:

- Is this issue affecting any type of calls (originating vs. terminating)?

- Is this issue affecting internal calls as well (ext to ext)?

- Is this issue affecting external calls to PSTN, and/or ITSP?

This is not a common issue, so trying to make an educated guess about whether this issue is more related to network or to a faulty device.


Today I factory reset the SPA9000 and the phones.  I ran the latest setup wizard after turning off the firewall on the administrator PC.  The wizard found the SPA9000, SPA400 and all the phones and I configured every thing again.  4 SPA942 phones with voicemail on the SPA400, the SPA9000's Line 1 and Line 2 set up with the ITSP and SPA400 as the PSTN gateway, respectively.  Everything was working today when I left the office. I'm holding my breath to see if the staff call tomorrow and tell me the phones are cutting out again..  Hope not.  If that fails, I will connect the syslog server to see if I can capture what is going on and post the results.


@#$%^%@#$!  Not really swearing... not my style, but this is frusterating me.  The phones are fading in and out again as before.  Today I removed the SPA400 and reset SPA9000 to factory default settings and ran the wizard again.  I now have line 1 set to the ITSP proxy server on the SPA9000.  I am not using the PSTN through VOIP (SPA400).  I have set up some temporary analogue phones for now.  We will test overnight and see if outgoing calls with the SPA system are fine tomorrow.  If that fails, I will run wireshark and try to see what is going on in the network.  I may have to replace the SPA9000 if nothing else is evident.  Does anyone have any detailed settings for the SLM224 switch when using it with the SPA phone system other than what is written in the SPA9000 wizard and administration guide?  I am wondering if after a night, there is a data storm causing voice data loss.  Grasping at straws!


Removing the spa400 and resetting the SPA9000 and all the phones to the factory defaults before running the wizard once again seems to be successful.  Its been three days without and issue.  We are only phoning out with these phones but I set up a DID though my ITSP and it rings into the system just fine.  Sound quality is good at this time.  I will monitor the system for another week and then send the SPA400 back for a replacement if thing remain stable.  The SPA400 was doing double duty as a gateway and voicemail server.  Maybe it can't do both though it only had one PSTN line connected and 4 voicemail accounts.  If anyone has any experience with what the limits are of the SPA400, I would love to hear about it.


Alberto Montilla Mon, 01/11/2010 - 09:58
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Dear Sir;

Limits for SPA400 are as follows;

- If you use it for combined PSTN GW + VM, our recommendation is not to plug more than 2 FXO lines (ports 1-3) plus 10 voicemail accounts.

For your configuration, this should not be the issue, though we recommend always to use voicemail separated from GW to ensure growth will not affect system performance, but again, your issue may not be related with this based on the numbers you are providing.


So I have installed the new SPA400 using the wizard.  I didn't reset any of the phones or SPA9000 to factory defaults hoping that the wizard will add the gateway without any issues.  It seemed to work fine after the initial testing day.  They used it for incoming and outgoing calls the next day and it seemed to work fine calling out but didn't always pick up the incoming calls.  Some callers had to call in twice or let it ring about 10 rings before they it rung in the office.  I am beginning to wonder if the analog phone line settings are correct for the analog line coming in from the Vancouver Island Shaw phone PSTN.  If anyone has any setting information that I could try on the SPA400 so that it will pick up calls and terminate calls correctly, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.



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