Editing hosts into an already configured object-group on ASA5520

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Dec 24th, 2009
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I am configuring site-to-site ipsec vpn tunnels and I use object-groups with ACLs.  How do you add host IPs to an already created object-group without having to tear down the object-group?

I tried adding hosts in ASDM into an already defined object-group and ASDM complained at me and gave me an error.  However, after the error it looked like it took it anyway.



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You should be able to modified an existing object-group without problems providing that you are putting in the appropriate parameters.  Try ssh'ing into the ASA devices.

Find that object-group that you want to modify, I will show an object-group HQ_LAN for example only.

asa5520# sh run | be object-group

asa5520# conf t

asa5520(config)# object-group nework HQ_LAN

asa5520(config-network)# network-object  => Single host

asa5520(config-network)# network-object        => Class C network 192.168.200.x

asa5520(config-network)# exit

asa5520(config-network)# wr mem

Hope this answers your question.  If you are looking at the ASDM, the concepts should be exactly the same just ensure that you are modifing the appropriate object-group and using the correct syntax.

GREG HARPER Mon, 12/28/2009 - 07:52
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Thanks for the quick reply.  So, I won't have to remove the specific acces

s-list associated with this object-group first?

I can just go ahead and edit it like you have shown?

G -


You should be able to add the new Host to the object-group. If you are trying to be more specific with the object-group than yes you should remove the other full subnet object from the object-group, however be aware that when you are changing the object-group those changes will affect all rules "ACL" "NAT" "Xlates" as well if they are using the same object-group with those statements.

Object-groups can be a great tool, or a nightmare.  Ensure that your naming conventions clearly give reason for the object-groups to alleviate problems.




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