are these topics included in BSCI exam?

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Dec 26th, 2009

dear experts, hello and merrychristmas

would you like telling me please if these topics included in the BSCI exam topics? to study it before taking that exam

# BGP route reflector

# BGP confederations

# BGP community

# ip prefix-list

# aggregation

and if they are included in BSCI exam would you mind giving me a link for their documents on website to study them...

thanks alot for your help

Labib Makar

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LordFlasheart Tue, 01/05/2010 - 00:51

As with all Cisco exam takers we are bound by the Non Disclosure Agreement, however, a quick thumb through the BGP section of the BSCI Cisco Press Guides show no sign of RRs, confederations, and communities. There is a little on prefix-lists too. As for aggregation, an aspiring CCNP should know how to do this.

As for online resources you cannot do any better than the Cisco Documentation (DocCD). The pages have been revamped a little but take the time to watch the InternetworkExpert Class on Demand for navigating the DocCD.

This knowledge is worth its weight in gold.

My advice, don't take shortcuts as you never know what Cisco may include in their exams.


per cisco, this is what you need to know on BGP:

Implement BGP for enterprise ISP connectivity

  • Describe the functions and operations of BGP.
  • Configure or verify BGP operation in a non-transit AS (e.g., authentication).
  • Configure BGP path selection. (i.e., Local Preference, AS Path, Weight or MED attributes).

this is the full topic list from their site

Rofi Neron @


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