The Cisco Press CCNP-ISCW Official Exam Certification Guide

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Dec 29th, 2009

I can't take it any more, so I'm posting this to vent my frustrations with this exam guide, authors Morgan and Lovering.  I haven't the time to scan all the possible prior postings on this topic, but I feel certain there must be some out there.  I've been using this book now to help study and prepare for the ISCW exam, which I've scheduled to take in mid-January.  I've used many Cisco Press Exam Guides in the past few years and they were all pretty good at covering the material in sufficient depth.  I'm very disappointed in the degree to which the authors have NOT sufficiently explained certain details about how this or that thing works, or whatever.  As I have always done for past exams, I bought the pertinent Lab book for this test (helped explain many things that the Guide did not), and I also have printed out pertinent command details from the command references on the Cisco web site.  This book is grossly inadequate in giving command details for many commands.  Also, I've found many mistakes on my own while going thru this book, both with the pre-chapter and post-chapter answers to questions, and with the content itself.  Also, many of the config examples are far too simplistic in their depth (almost embarrassingly so in certain ones), and there are clearly some parts of certain config examples that are plumb wrong.  Oh yes, there is no official errata list on this book, I contacted Cisco Press directly and they verified that fact.  How in tarnation can there not be any errata for a Cisco Press Exam Guide???  While I appreciate that the two authors took the initiative to create this book, I'm disgusted by it's lack of quality and's far and away the worst Exam Guide I've ever used, and I hope that someone out there with the time and initiative will create a better one in the not too distant future.  If anyone out there who plans on taking the ISCW exam sees this post, be warned!  Get the Lab book too, and purchase a good practice exam (like Boson), and supplement from material on CCO and other sites. 

I have this problem too.
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LordFlasheart Tue, 01/05/2010 - 00:41


See if you can get your hands on the Student Guide for ISCW as they are geared up for the exam. The Student Guides for all Cisco exams I've taken are worth their weight in gold as far as I'm concerned.



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