UC560 vs. 2900 series ISRs

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Dec 29th, 2009

I noticed that Cisco has recently released the UC560 and the 2900 series ISRs.

Here are the things that the UC560 and 2900 series ISRs have in common:

  • Both are Cisco IOS-based products
  • Both have increased CUE capacity than the UC520
  • Both the UC560 and 2900 series ISRs can handle larger size sites than the UC520 and UC540 solutions
  • Both support more IPsec VPN tunnels than UC520 or UC540 solutions
  • Both support Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 8.0 and Cisco Unity Express 7.1

Here are the differences that I am aware of:

  • UC560 is part of Smart Business Communications System and Small Business Pro
  • UC560 supports Cisco Smart CallConnector Attendant Console, whereas the 2900 series ISRs do not support this program
  • 2900 series ISRs is a Cisco commercial product
  • 2900 series ISRs have features not available on the UC500 and SR500 product lines
  • CCA is the GUI for the UC560, whereas CCP is the GUI for the 2900 series ISRs
  • SPA500 and CP500 series phones are supported on the UC560, but not supported on the 2900 series ISRs
  • CME and CUE are included on all UC500 models (including the UC560), but are optional on ISRs (including the 2900 series)
  • 2900 series ISRs support the following modules: VIC, VWIC, WIC, HWIC, EHWIC, NM, ISM, and Cisco Service Modules. The UC560 supports only VICs and Multiflex T-1 VWICs (in PRI voice mode only).
  • 2900 series ISR switch modules have several capabilities not found on UC500 switchports
  • EnergyWise is supported on the 2900 series ISR's, but not on the UC560
  • UC560 units have 2 PVDM2-64 PVDMs, whereas the 2900 series ISRs support the PVDM3 technology, and can support up to 768 DSP's (whereas the UC560 is limited to 128 DSP's)
  • The UC560 currently supports up to 2 PRI T-1s, but does not currently have data T-1 support or support for more than 2 PRI T1's. The 2900 series ISRs support data T-1's, voice T-1's, or a T-1 that has both data channels and PRI voice channels.
  • The 2900 series ISRs have support for Cisco Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST), whereas the UC560 supports only Cisco Unified CME
  • The 2900 series ISRs can use Cisco Service Modules to add voice connectivity, whereas only VIC's and multiflex T-1 VWIC's are supported on the UC560
  • SMARTnet and CUE SASU services are offered on 2900 series ISRs, whereas Small Business Pro Service is offered on UC560's
  • The 2900 series ISRs support the Cisco Services Ready Engine (SRE), which is capable of being used for Cisco Unity Express and other applications, whereas the UC560 has a internal Integrated Service Engine capable of running the UC500 version of Cisco Unity Express 7.1 or later

When should we choose to deploy the UC560, and when should we choose to deploy 2900 series ISR's? How can we differentiate between these two solutions?

I have this problem too.
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Steven DiStefano Wed, 12/30/2009 - 06:34

I think you summarized this better than I could :-)  Great Job.

I would use SBCS Inclusion,  Price and Support as differentiators as well.

UC560 IS part of the SBCS suite and solution tesed to be interoperable with all other SBCS components and integrations.

Quote them both and see where they land.

Remember when you call SBSC, you get SBCS Suite support including CCA operation.   So this is more beneficial for a Partner trying to build a repeatable practice using the GUI as much as possible.

Steve DiStefano

Systems Engineer

U.S. Field Channel Sales team


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