List of UC500 telephony features not yet in CCA

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Jan 5th, 2010
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Here are UC500 telephony features not yet available in CCA, but configurable through CLI:

  • Keep conference
  • Disable call waiting tone
  • Shared octo-line extensions (known to work in 7.1.3 release)
  • Shared extensions spanning multiple ephone-dns
  • Extension mobility
  • Whisper intercom (supported in 7.1.x and 8.0.x software releases)
  • Privacy and Do Not Disturb feature buttons (new feature in 8.0.0 software pack)
  • Logical Partitioning Class of Restriction (new feature in 8.0.0 software pack)
  • Cancel call waiting (new feature in 8.0.0 software pack)
  • Multiple music on hold sources (new feature in 8.0.0 software pack)
  • T.37 and T.38 fax support

Several of the above features were actually available back in 4.2.0 on the UC520, but were never exposed in current or previous versions of CCA.

Shared octo-line extensions are configured the same way as non-shared octo-line extensions, and are known to work in the 7.1.3 software pack. This feature should also behave correctly in the 8.0.0 release. Page 264 of the Cisco Configuration Assistant SBCS Administrator Guide states that shared lines cannot be configured as octo lines, whereas CME 7.1 and CME 8.0 can handle shared lines that are configured as octo lines. There is an example of shared octo lines in the Cisco Unified CME System Administrator Guide at

Here is an example of a shared octo-line, configured in CLI (this will work on UC500 units with an 7.1.x or 8.0.x software pack installed):

ephone-dn  30  octo-line
no call-waiting beep
number 250 secondary 19725550001 no-reg primary
label Agents (250)
description Agents
name Agents
preference 1 secondary 1
call-forward busy 299
call-forward noan 299 timeout 25
corlist incoming user-domestic

ephone 1

button 1:1 2:30

ephone 2

button 1:2 2:30

ephone 3

button 1:3 2:30

The above configuration will work on UC500 units that have the 7.1.3 or 8.0.0 release installed and have octo-line capable phones. I do know that one of the constraints of shared octo-lines is that any phones that have a shared octo-line extension have to be octo-line capable.

I already do know that several of the items in the list have already been planned to be added to future CCA releases, as they have been mentioned in other posts in the SBCS/UC500 forum in Cisco Community Central.

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Alberto Montilla Thu, 01/07/2010 - 06:29
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Hi John;

Thanks for sharing this request. Will escalate to the CCA team for evaluation.

Regards and thanks for helping improving our products.


nbitnevele Tue, 04/19/2011 - 06:13
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  • We urgently need a number of changes listed above (exemp: disable call waiting tone, fax support, ...).
  • When a new version would appear?
  • Would all this be implemented?
  • Thanks a lot !
    David Trad Tue, 04/19/2011 - 16:15
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      2013 Small Business

    Hi John,


    I was working on something similar but it was too lengthy and was trying to find ways of culling things to shorten it down.

    But you summed it up right



    John Platts Tue, 04/19/2011 - 18:56
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    The following features have been added into CCA as of CCA 3.0:

    • Disable call waiting tone
    • Shared octo-line extensions
    • Extension mobility
    • Whisper intercom
    • Privacy feature button
    • T.37 fax support

    Additional features introduced in CME 8.5 or 8.6:

    • Customizable phone button layout
      • Really needs to be added to CCA
      • Useful for SPA508G, SPA509G, 7931, and 6961 IP phones
    • Programmable line keys
    • Support for XML application buttons
    • Support for iPhone Softphone client
    • Support for SSL VPN client on 7942, 7945, 7962, 7965, and 7975 IP phones
    • Support for 8961, 9951, and 9971 IP phones
    • Feature policy softkey control
    • SNR enhancements
    ericbonett Fri, 04/22/2011 - 21:15
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    Where in CCA 3.0 can you disable call waiting tones?  I seached the admin guide as well as CCA and couldn't find it.


    John Platts Fri, 04/22/2011 - 21:40
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    I was using the search tool to find which of the features were supported by CCA 3.0, but it turns out that call waiting can be enabled or disabled for overlay extensions. I really do want the ability to disable call waiting tones in CCA.

    John Platts Fri, 04/22/2011 - 22:03
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    Cisco really needs to make improvements to CCA. All of the telephony features of the UC300 and CMBE 3000 solutions can be configured through a GUI. On the other hand, some of the UC500 telephony features cannot be configured in CCA (as of CCA 3.0).

    The UC500 series is IPv6 capable, but there is no CCA support for IPv6 today. IPv6 is already supported on TNP phones with CME 8.0 or later. CCA support for IPv6 really needs to be implemented, and IPv6 capabilities need to be mentioned in UC500 data sheets and SBCS solution marketing materials after CCA support is added for IPv6. IPv6 support is really needed in order to remain competitive. The UC500 factory default configuration will probably have only IPv4 enabled when IPv6 support is initially added into CCA. CCA needs to support enabling IPv6 on existing UC500 devices without having to perform any factory reset (although a software pack upgrade might be required).

    bill.roland Tue, 04/26/2011 - 13:58
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    I really agree with what John said.  CCA still has a long way to go.

    David Trad Tue, 04/26/2011 - 15:45
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      2013 Small Business

    Hi All,

    Just to add a couple more things to it:

    • Ability to test the system for any issues that may interfere with an upgrade process EG - CCA should do a quick check on the system and see if there are any extra adapters turned on, or if there are any other TFTP server turned on and or Firewalls. At the very least it should ask you to check all these things immediately after you execute a command that could be directly affected by these things. (It may already do something similar to this but it is not noticeable)
    • Ability to connect to a system via SSH or at worst Telnet if HTTP/HTTPS is not an option for a particular deployment. It must be considered that not all deployments will it be possible to get VPN connectivity to the UC and not all deployments will allow for the forwarding of HTTP(s) ports as they could be used for their own servers, and not always will port translations be allowed, and certainly not always will you have the ability to access a local server to which you can install CCA on and access it later via remote desktop.... These things need to be considered IMHO
    • Ability to choose multiple deployment options, even more than the current offering by the UC320W, this could even be at the start of the telephony wizard as the current order seems a little odd anyway. In deployment options the designer should be able to pick the options such as entering a site that has an existing Data DHCP server and uses AD, and if this option is chosen CCA makes the required changes. The ability to configure the UC for an AD environment and have it as the controller may even be a vital option in the future as this would allow us to deploy the UC in a fully controlled environment... There is more to this one than just stated but no point in dragging this one out
    • Ability to add SIP end points, still this can only be done via CLI and really under the "Users & Extensions" configuration section, this would allow us to program SIP end points for things like Paging systems, Door Stations, even SIP phones (Yes I know what is being thought) and even the possibility of site-to-site SIP trunking which would come in very handy if wanting to integrate a UC320W on a small satellite site where a large UC is just not a viable option.
    • Ability to setup remote backup options (Even if it is a local TFTP/FTP) and also the frequency of the backup times, this may not appear to be important at first but if you look at how many times a UC-500 has lost its config due to a SAG (Or Brown outs) and just from sudden power failure, the ability to do a quick CME and CUE restore is actually quite vital. We should be able to configure this in CCA and choose the backup timers for this (And test the TFTP/FTP server connectivity)
    • CCA to have Dynamic screen adapting, it is simply not possible to use CCA on screens less then 14" without having to do multiple levels of scrolling (Up/Down - Left/Right) which means having CCA installed on a Netbook is a crazy idea but it actually has to be done, I must add it is extremely frustrating to use CCA in these environments
    • Better Error reporting management - Yes I know there is a logging system, but you know what? It would be good to know what the error means when it pops up on your screen, trolling through long and densely populated log files can do ones head in, a simple explanation on the dialogue box that appears can go a long way to maintain ones sanity, seriously there is no need to be cryptic and or dumbing things down a little, we all like a puzzle now and then but not on every single design build... Speak to us and let us know what has gone wrong, then if we need more info we can go for the deep dive into the log file
    • Under "Users and Extensions" is it possible to have a "Directory" heading of its own, and when you enter it show us what names and numbers are in the list and also the ability to download a csv file that can be used to edit them, or create new ones or build a whole new directory listing, this one needs a heading of its own and one that can be seperate from that of speed dials, because Directory numbers use abbreviated dialing anyway (Or am I missing out on a section within CCA that I have not found yet?)
    • I know there is a floating extensions tab, but what about a "Shared DN" tab which one can create and use it as part of the call routing table? For instance instead of sending a call to a Blast Group or a Hunt Group, one can program a DN as an octo-line and send all the calls to it and then assign that to a button on multiple phones, this can easily be done with CLI but not sure how one does it with CCA, hence the suggestion for it to have its own tab
    • When clicking on a section (Such as the point above) is it possible to give an explanation as to how Cisco perceive this to work or act or connect to various systems or procedures, even a small little picture/diagram wouldn't go a stray. It should be noted that there is no common terminology that is used world wide, no universal Cisco tongue and often confusion can arise from the various ways one names a particular object/service/application etc..etc.. So have a description and even a picture can go a long way to shed some light on a subject matter.
    • Ability to change Codec Type per Ephone [EDIT: Added due to importance of this]

    That's all for now, there are a few things more that could be discussed but the list could get bigger if not careful




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