Leo Laohoo Wed, 01/06/2010 - 12:39
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Hi Stacy,

This depends entirely on your requirements, design and financial budget allows.  Can you please elaborate?

Giuseppe Larosa Wed, 01/06/2010 - 15:13
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Hello Stacy,

what do you mean with underutilized?

What is underused today can be used in the near term.

What kind of hardware in your GSR?

There at least two generations of these device:

GRP versus PRP, then PRP2.

if they are 124xy with PRP2 they are current if they are for example 12008 with GRP they are  almost old.

In any case you need to evaluate your needs on two planes:

- signalling plane: how many BGP routes have to be supported? are you receiving one or more full Internet BGP tables?

- forwarding plane: how much traffic is receved and sent on the edge devices.

Possible choices are:

C7600/6500 with Sup720 3BXL or better (sup 720 3CXL or RSP 720 3CXL) do not use inferior supervisors if receiving full internet tables (they are limited to 256,000 routes) also linecards if using DFC needs to be in line ( DFC 3 .XL)

But it is quite expensive

ASR 1000: up to 5/20 Gbps depending on model and ESP, new platform, not sure if price is competitive. no problems in the signalling plane

Cisco 7200 VXR with NPE-G2: limited to 2,000,000 pps just supports one Gbps can support a full internet table

your current devices may be the cheapest choice.

Hope to help


STACY HENDRICKSON Wed, 01/06/2010 - 17:21
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We currently have a 12008/GRP(R5000) which is going EOS late Feb.  1 RPC, 1CSC, 3 SFC, 6 port DS3 controller, 2 Gig E interfaces.  We use up to 2 DS3 interfaces at any given time and require dual gig interfaces.  We are doing limited BGP as path filtering

We don't have a specific budget.  We will be looking at available options and then determine what the budget will be.

I concur with the underused today comment.  Usage can jump up quickly.  We generally are about 2% cpu and less than 50% fast or processor memory.


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