WiSM - Splitting WLC's to two different mobility groups

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Jan 7th, 2010
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Need some clarificaiton mobility/mobility groups.

  1. WCS running 6.0.182
  2. I have 4 mobility groups (avg group has 4 to 5 WLC's with there respective back up WLC's) Layer 3 /

    Inter-subnet roaming

  3. All WLC's are currently running 4.2.130
  4. For testing purposes I need to create a new mobility group and move 2 WLC's over to it; Upgrade the 2 WLC's to 6.0.182
  5. The WiSM (2 WLC's) I have to work with are currently split among 2 different mobility groups say mobility 1 and mobility 2.

My concern is the one prerequisite below:

Configuring Mobility Groups



For the Cisco WiSM, both controllers should be configured with the same mobility group

name for seamless routing among 300 access points.

Does this only apply if I anticipated routing between these 2 controllers, such as being configured for Inter-Controller Roaming  (which occurs when the controllers’ wireless LAN interfaces are on the same IP subnet).

Or will this prerequisite cause any impact with the changes I'm wanting to do with Layer 3 /

Inter-subnet roaming (wireless LAN interfaces are on different IP subnets).

Comments and thoughts?

Much appreciated -



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other than the testing of the new code, I am wondering why you are using multiple mobility groups.  Is it because you have APs at disparate locations separated by such a distance tha roaming betwen them is not possible, or are you just trying to manager which APs on a WLAN associate with which VLAN?  If the latter  you can best accomplish your objective with AP-Groups (It is also a reasonabe solution for the former) 

Each Controller on a WiSM blade is seperate Controller and are managed by the switch independantly.  The WCS looks at the two as a pair and facilitates switching between them, but this has no edffect on the Mobility groups that are set up.  You should have no problem with different Mobility groups on each Controller.  


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