Can't ear calling ext from ip phone to pap2t or rt31p2

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Hello all,

I need help with configuration between internal extension

router wrt54gs tomato, switch bsfr41

spa9000 v2 (and V1) DMZ

pap2t (analogic phone), rt31p2 (analogic phone)

and 2 ip phones swissvoice ip10s.

all in the same network

all the phones can dialout/receive call through betmax service provider.

The only problem is 1 way communication from the ip10s phone to either pap2 or rt31p2

   ip10s calls the pap2 or the rt31p2, the receiver phone will ring but will not ear.

and all others combination will work fine

any idea about how to fix this? thanks

I have this problem too.
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Syslog from rt31p2 calling from and to the swissvioce phone:

[0]Off Hook

2. Report digit 1 (1)(40 ms)

2. Report digit 0 (1)(40 ms)

2. Report digit 5 (1)(40 ms)

Calling:[email protected]:6060

[0:0]AUD ALLOC CALL (port=16408)

[0:0]RTP Rx Up


[0:0]RTP Rx Dn

[0:0]ENC INIT 0

[0:0]RTP Tx Up (pt=0->c0a80165:50000)

[0:0]RTCP Tx Up

CC:Remote Resume


[0:0]RTP Rx Up

[0:0]RTP Rx 1st PKT @16408(3)

[0:0]DEC INIT 0

[0]On Hook

[0:0]AUD Rel Call

DLG Terminated

[0:0]AUD ALLOC CALL (port=16410)

[0:0]RTP Rx Up

IDBG:sc-0 IDBG:rs:12 IDBG:sc-0 IDBG:rs:12

[0]Off Hook

[0]CID interrupted

[0:0]RTP Rx 1st PKT @16410(3)

[0:0]DEC INIT 0

[0]RegOK. NextReg in 58 (1)

[0]On Hook

[0:0]AUD Rel

Call Sess Terminated

Not sure if it helps , thanks

Alberto Montilla Thu, 01/14/2010 - 09:52

Not much ;-), I need SIP info as well. Can you take traces with ethereal or wireshark?



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