The number you have dialed is invalid . Not going to VM or going directly to

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I have a couple users in my UC520 where when we call their extention we get a message  "the number you have dialed is invalid"   This message is played twice and then it does ring to the extention.   However, when it does ring in rings indefinatly past the CFNOAN setting.  Other times, I get the message and after the message it goes directly to VM and does not ring the phone?


ephone-dn  20  dual-line
number 7507 secondary 612***7507 no-reg primary
pickup-group 1
label Dave Kraai
description 7507
name Dave Kraai
snr 916*****22497 delay 1 timeout 20
call-forward busy 7599
call-forward noan 7599 timeout 22

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