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Jan 10th, 2010


I have connected IP phone 7960 and Axis POE camera 212 onto a C3750 switch.  I have enabled energywise on the switch and I am able to control the phone and camera with the power level control.  The thing I don't understand is that the power usage for both the phone and camera are showing 4 W.  The phone is suppose to be 6.3W and the camera is 3.8W.  Is there a reason why it is showing 4W instead of it's actual power usage?

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Joe Clarke Mon, 01/11/2010 - 08:10

That release did not properly support displaying the actual power usage.  That feature was added to 12.2(52)SE as part of the fix for CSCsz05235.

cna030214 Mon, 01/11/2010 - 23:30

Thanks, but after I uploaded the new firmware into the switch, it still have the problem.

this is the boot info.

BOOT path-list      : flash:c3750-ipservices-mz.122-52.SE.bin
Config file         : flash:/config.text
Private Config file : flash:/private-config.text
Enable Break        : no
Manual Boot         : no
HELPER path-list    :
Auto upgrade        : yes
Auto upgrade path   :
Timeout for Config
          Download:    0 seconds
Config Download
       via DHCP:       disabled (next boot: disabled)

The IP Phone and the IP camera still shows the same 4W at the energywise interfaces list.

So what should I do? Thanks

cna030214 Tue, 01/12/2010 - 18:37

Interface   Name                     Usage      Caliber
---------   ----                     _____      _______
            Switch                   89.0  (W)  max
Fa1/0/1     Fa1.0.1                  0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/2     raghav_phone             4.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/3     Fa1.0.3                  0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/4     Fa1.0.4                  0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/5     Fa1.0.5                  0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/6     Fa1.0.6                  0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/7     Fa1.0.7                  0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/8     Fa1.0.8                  0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/9     Fa1.0.9                  0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/10    Fa1.0.10                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/11    Fa1.0.11                 4.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/12    Fa1.0.12                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/13    Fa1.0.13                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/14    Fa1.0.14                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/15    Fa1.0.15                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/16    Fa1.0.16                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/17    Fa1.0.17                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/18    Fa1.0.18                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/19    Fa1.0.19                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/20    Fa1.0.20                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/21    Fa1.0.21                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/22    Fa1.0.22                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/23    Fa1.0.23                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/24    Fa1.0.24                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/25    Fa1.0.25                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/26    Fa1.0.26                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/27    Fa1.0.27                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/28    Fa1.0.28                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/29    Fa1.0.29                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/30    Fa1.0.30                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/31    Fa1.0.31                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/32    Fa1.0.32                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/33    Fa1.0.33                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/34    Fa1.0.34                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/35    Fa1.0.35                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/36    Fa1.0.36                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/37    Fa1.0.37                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/38    Fa1.0.38                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/39    Fa1.0.39                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/40    Fa1.0.40                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/41    Fa1.0.41                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/42    Fa1.0.42                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/43    Fa1.0.43                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/44    Fa1.0.44                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/45    Fa1.0.45                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/46    Fa1.0.46                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/47    Fa1.0.47                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Fa1/0/48    Fa1.0.48                 0.0  (W)   presumed
Total Displayed: 49     Usage: 97.0


Joe Clarke Tue, 01/12/2010 - 20:58

I believe this points to the switch not being able to report actual power usage.  The fix for the bug I mentioned added support for obtaining the "actual" (as opposed to "presumed") power consumption from the switch hardware (if supported).  If the actual values are not seen in the CLI output, then the switch may be incapable of providing them.

lcfre Mon, 01/18/2010 - 02:49

Why we change the level, the power usage does not change?


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