Steven DiStefano Wed, 01/20/2010 - 05:42
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No it does not.

The SA500 supports:
- Linksys QuickVPN and Greenbow IPSec client
- A built in SSL Thin Client
- VPN Pass through to a device that does support Cisco VPN clients.

The SA500 doesn't support Cisco Easy VPN client or Anyconnect SSL Client (but this might be on the roadmap; I will check)

FratianiD Thu, 01/21/2010 - 09:34
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You said: "this might be on the roadmap; I will check"

Did you ever check?

Steven DiStefano Sun, 01/24/2010 - 16:11
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Yes I did the next day, which is the day you asked if I ever did.

So the answer is yes, its on the roadmap, but I cant commit any release or dates.


Would you get a status on whether or not Cisco is still planning on supporting AnyConnect?  We would also like to know when Cisco plans on fixing SSL VPN for Mac OSX 10.7 and above (Mountain Lion will be released in early July and we are already beta testing it on some of our test machines).  I know it's asking a lot, but we would really like to know if Cisco plans on implementing Inter-VLAN ACL support for these routers as well.

I have called Cisco, PM'd a few of the active Cisco techs here on the forums, and emailed the few contacts I know at Cisco and no one is able to answer any of these questions.

I ask these questions because we have an RV220W and several WRVS4400N v2 routers that we would like to replace with SA540's, but we really need the above fixed/implemented in order to do so.  We are a small shop and do not have the resources (Network folks) that can support the Enterprise level Cisco routers (basically anything with iOS).

I would greatly appreciate it if you would reach out to some of your Cisco contacts to determine when and if a firmware maintenance release is coming out soon and if it will fix/implement any of these features.

Thank you so much in advance.

sheehanmark Thu, 03/22/2012 - 08:48
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The SA540 also supports ShrewSoft VPN. I am using this software to connect to my VPN.

I also would like to know this. Actually we have the SA520W model (essentially the same as the 540 but with wireless). Steven said the Anyconnect is on the roadmap for the SA500 series - many owners of these (ourselves included of course) would like to know about this. I realize the SA500 series tends to be the redheaded stepchild that is not well liked but properly setup these are solid devices that still cost quite a bit. These are also still current devices on the main Cisco site and sold through all main channels so I'd think they have not been forgotten. Although the current firmware does still have a few bugs and not updated since late last year....

jasbryan Tue, 03/27/2012 - 09:47
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As of right now the SA500 does not support Anyconnect (2.1.71) If anyconnect is supported then it would be in release notes of the maintenance release.


nsweetman Wed, 04/04/2012 - 08:11
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Would also like to see AnyConnect support with SA540 cisco are very slow on bringing updates etc to SA500 range not impressed.

I wouldn't say they are slow to bring updates to the SA500 Series routers.  They put out a few big updates last year alone.  The last of which was in mid-November.

The RV220W router has a major firmware release in the works right now.  It too hasn't had a firmware release since mid-November of last year.  Last month I saw at least two different Beta versions being tested by willing Beta testers.

I haven't read anything about the SA500 Series routers nearing EOL.  Even the low-end SA520 is twice as expensive as the RV220W.  It has been out for 4-5 years though... but so has the very popular/successful ASA5505.

I hope Cindy Toy announces a new firmware release for the SA500 Series soon.  We have a few issues that we need resolved (inter-VLAN ACL support, Mac OSX Lion (and soon Mountain Lion) SSL VPN support, updated IPS signatures, etc.).  Nothing that's not already been discussed here in the forums.

not12bhere Fri, 04/06/2012 - 06:55
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And an IPS update would be a good show . . .the SA520W cost 3+ times as much as the wrvs4400n . . .if you include the IPS contract we paid for . . .

Funny you mention the ASA5505. I get the impression the 5505 is also on the chopping block. For months prior to Cisco rolling out new ASA-X products, the ASA5505 capabilities, especially in the IPS product, has diverged and fallen behind. Different firmwares, not even mentioned in the IPS Signature release notes, no global correlation, etc...these seem like a clue.

To be fair, I get the impression that the Cisco Small Business unit does the best they can with the resources that Cisco allocates, but Cisco as a company seems to have decided that supporting the promises made on the UTM front of the Small Business and Small Business Pro lines aren't a priority for the company. As an end user of the Small Business, Small Business Pro and Enterprise products, the last year has convinced me of Cisco's declining interest in numerous products, to their own detriment. I know that many of these products are Linksys legacy products, but we bought them because of Cisco's history of support.

Examples: Seeminly abandoning IPS updates on the WRVS4400N. Only updating firmware on the SMB products after the discovery of a high-risk vulnerability and exploit versus adding value added features and 'bug' fixes. Four months and counting on IPS updates from the SA500 series, etc

We feel your pain.  We are too small and don't have the knowledge base to implement anything larger/better/robust than the SA540 and a few access points.  Surely Cisco knows there is a nitch for folks like us.  They just need to step up their game.

I just hope that the SA500 Series routers are going to get a major firmware maintenance release very soon like the RV220W.


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