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I have a remote site which has CME and CUE and an autoattendant setup with an operator opt out of "200" (which is a pickup group with four DNs assigned to it).  It was set to 400 which is another pickup group.  I have changed it within the GUI and when that didn't work got into the CUE via the CLI and changed it.  I then reloaded the CUE.  Here is the snippet of code:

ccn application autoattend1
description "autoattend1"
maxsessions 4
script "s1_main-officehours.aef"
parameter "error" "PleaseTryAgain.wav"
parameter "S1_MainMenu" "UserPrompt_01032006164115.wav"
parameter "MainOperExt" "200"
parameter "welcomeMsg" "UserPrompt_01032006164115.wav"
end application

Here's another spot where the pickup group 200 is specified:

voicemail operator telephone 200

The system still sends the call to numbers within the 400 pickup group where they want them sent to the 200 group.

Any thoughts?

Forgot to add that the aef script also specifies 200 when users dial 0

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