Broker direct lines Like PLAR

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Jan 12th, 2010
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Anyone know what PSTN technology they use to handle this?  Basically, the client has a direct (no ring) line to the broker office at barclays, jpmorgan, etc.   We assume the client hits a speed dial button that takes an analog off hook which direct connects to the broker line. (no ringing)  Almost like a overhead paging device.  Hit a speed dial, analog goes off hook, person makes anouncement, etc.

If it is analog...  I would assume FXO and not FXS?

We are still researching ourselves... but it could also be ISDN and it maybe an H323 dial peer from CUCM to the router.    But any background info someone could provide would be great!   Right now, the client has an old PBX and is a little foggy on what is currently built in it.

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asandborgh Tue, 01/12/2010 - 08:39
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Hi there,

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth it was not uncommon for large clients to have dedicated voice circuits from their inside commodity/trading desk operations to the big brokerage houses.  Yes they were basically PLAR but they never went out to the "PSTN" - they were leased circuits through the carriers directly to the big brokerage houses so they never had to contend with possible oversubscription of the other trunks at the company.  In most cases they had inside dial plans of sorts.  Most were T1 CAS (in the US) or PRI.  I suppose you could do the same thing with FX but one of the key points of the system was time to connect and trade....



Tommer Catlin Tue, 01/12/2010 - 08:52
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If only I had that line during my conference call this morning... "when dinasours roamed the earth....."   I will keep that one in my back pocket for another day.

I was thinking the same thing...  CAS T1 or ISDN.   Not sure the FXO or FXS will do the trick because those are really tied to providers backend switches through their networks rather than a Point to Point circuit.

Should be interesting to say the least.

Is there something else brokers use today that is not in the stone age?

Thanks for the answer!

asandborgh Tue, 01/12/2010 - 09:01
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Thanks for the points!

Sorry, but I haven't had the opportunity to work that market for some time so I don't know how they are handling it these days (I would just be guessing).  A few years ago we did set up an internal IP network for a completely different application, but with similar requirements (time to answer less than 3 seconds).  We got the IP PLARs running at about 1.5 seconds.  If the voice traffic was routed correctly you might also achieve five nines too with redundancy.

Perhaps someone out there has more current knowledge of what is in use today?




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