Unity 5.x to UnityConnection 7.1 migration - Licensing Issue

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Jan 12th, 2010
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I am in the process of migrating a Unity 5.x two server failover to a UnityConnection 7.1 two server cluster using two new servers.  The process I will be using is to Migrate the data over using COBRAS, builing the new Unity Connection Cluster, and importing the data.  I have the PAK for the Unity to Unity Connection Migration software but that doesn't give me mailboxes or ports or anything like that.  I have opened a trouble ticket with the licensing team, but so far the only thing they have come back with is to copy the licenes from the old Unity server to the UnityConnection server, the first problem that I'm having is that since these are new servers, the MAC address tied to the license is different, the next issue that I 'think' I am going to have is that these are Unity 5 licenes and I am trying to use them on UnityConnection -- are they going to even work.  I don't see in the migration document how exactly I get the mailbox and port licenes migrated over (maybe something similar to gettting a UCM license using the DMA tool...but COBRAS isn't really much like the DMA tool).   I would appreciate any insight from anyone who has been down this road.

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Tommer Catlin Tue, 01/12/2010 - 11:29
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Licensing have been a bunch of idiots lately.  Sometimes if you close the ticket, and open a new ticket up (after 5pm pst) you will get better service.  But dont expect prompt service.  More likely 24-48 hours.

You should be using the Product Upgrade Tool (PUT) to get your new license for the CUC cluster.   If you have CUWL licensing and an updated SmartNet and UCSS contracts (too many contracts and things to keep track of) all the licenses should be in there.

If you do not have cuwl - you still need to use the PUT tool to get the (2) node CUC license and ports.  The Subscriber count will come from TAC licensing to get it rehosted to the correct format.

Its a pain no matter what you do.  Be patient, close and reopen a case or if you want, escalate to a duty manager when on the call with TAC (call in to the 800 number and ask for a duty manager)  explain to them the issue and they will escalate it.

Not everyone licensing is up to speed.  its a moving target with the "current" process and whats next for licensing with these boxes.  The training seems to fall at the wayside for them.

Ginger Dillon Tue, 01/12/2010 - 19:10
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Hi -

In addition to Tommer's excellent post, I would also try these procedures, including the revised email address included:

To Register and Obtain the License Files

Step 1 Send an e-mail requesting a license file for the migration to:

[email protected]

Include the following information:

The MAC address for the NIC in the Cisco Unity server.

The MAC address for the NIC in the Cisco Unity Connection server.

The PAK from the Cisco Unity Connection Application Software Media kit.

Step 2 When you receive a reply from [email protected], follow the instructions in the e-mail.

If there are questions on your request or if we need to confirm that you accept that you will lose features, we will send a query before we send the license files.

If the license files are lost, it can take up to one business day to get another copy.

If you do not get the licensing files within a day or if you need another copy of the licensing file, forward to [email protected] the e-mail that you sent to [email protected].

This is how I moved Unity license files to Unity Connection.  Note - I also recommend including your Unity *.lic files in the email.

Hope this helps!  Ginger

Tommer Catlin Tue, 01/12/2010 - 20:29
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In addition to Gingers comments, I almost forgot:

Include the following:

- SmartNet Contract

- PO and Sales order number for the connection purchase (if you just purchased the upgrade)

- If you used the PUT tool, include the Entitlement Number and a copy of the email conformation. (you can at least get a 60 day temp license while you sort out the fiasco Cisco puts us all through to actually get the perm license.)

Chris Schuerger Wed, 01/13/2010 - 08:03
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Thanks a lot for the help guys.  I agree that the licensing team has been extremely slow lately.  I wanted to be sure I was going through the right channels before I endured the pain of trying to get some attention from the licensing team.


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