CVP 7.0 is not able to reach Voice Gateway by IP/Hostname

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I have installed Cisco CVP 7.0 and added Cisco Voice Gateway 2851.

I am able to ping my Voice Gateway to CVP and vice versa.
But CVP is not able to reach Voice Gateway. I am confirmed and sure about IP Address and Hostname and user id and user password and enable password of Voice Gateway.

But still CVP is not able to reach my Voice Gateway.
Please throw some light on it.


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You need the telnet user name and password and the enable password. Double-check that you have entered these correctly. If in doubt, remove the gateway and add it again. Instead of using your XP box, VNC into the CVP Ops Console box and try a simple TELNET to the gateway and confirm that you can do this.

This part usually just works. You may be able to find some trace of the reason yours is failing in the log files. Check there.




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