Supported config for user with multiple phones (home, office)

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Jan 14th, 2010
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What is the official supported configuration when using CCA when a user has multiple phones? I have wrestled with this config a couple times, and would like to know what the SBCS team has to say. I have gotten it to work, but always with custom CLI configs on UC520s. I'd like to know if I can configure this setup using CCA with my new UC540 deployments so that i can get away from the CLI breaking CCA all the time.

CCA won't allow you to enter the same extension for two phones. Is this supported yet?

With our office setup, we have 7965 phones and I use BLF for the buttons. Whenever I setup a secondary phone (home phone or CIPC phone) for a user, our BLF buttons stop funtioning until the office phone is restarted. The presence system cannot seem to figure out that the user has two phones and looses one of the subscriptions I think. I have worked with TAC on this with no resolution. I'm on the latest 7.x.x support pack release and this BLF problem still exists. Not sure about 8.0..

Back to the multiple phone setup, how can we get CCA to configure a single extension on two phones? Would 'Shared Line' work for this? (for some reason i thought not, can your primary extension be a 'shared line'?) or maybe the secondary phone should have a 'ghost' extension, with the primary setup as an overlay?

Please let me know if there is a supported confg that works as designed for this setup.


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Marcos Hernandez Tue, 01/19/2010 - 11:28
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The same extension on two phones is supported using the shared line concept. It is covered in the CCA 2.2 Admin Guide.


Albert Wilhelm Tue, 01/19/2010 - 19:41
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Yes, it can be done to share a single extension with two phones. I have this set up for a client - one at her office and the other at her home. Whenever someone dials her extension, calls her DID, or a staff member calls her extension, both phones will ring at the same time.

Here is an excellent document I have used with CCA 2.x and it works great. See if this will help you.

Hope this helps.

Bert Wilhelm

APW Solutions, Austin TX


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