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Jan 19th, 2010
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I have an SPA9000 (Software version 6.1.5; Hardware version 1.2.5(a) set up with 3 ITSP lines and three SPA941 phones.  Lines one & two ring on extensions and line three rings aa immediately.

AA Scenario:

AA Dial Plan 1 = (<1:101>|<2:102>|<4:104>|<6:106>)

Prompt 5 =  Welcome to ABC, If you know the extension dial it now; for accounts press 1, for General enquiries press 2, for the staff directory press 3

Prompt 6 =  Your call has been forwarded

Prompt 7 =  Not a valid extension

Prompt 8 =  Goodbye (not currently used)

Prompt 9 =  For person A press 2, for person B press 4, for person C press 6

AA script 1 = <aa><form id="DIR" type="menu"><audio src="prompt5" bargein="T"/><dialplan src="dp1"/><noinput timeout="5" repeat="T"/><match><case input="3"><audio src="prompt9"/></case><default><audio src="prompt6"/><xfer name="ext" target="$input"/></default></match><nomatch repeat="F"><audio src="prompt7" bargein="T"/></nomatch></form></aa>

When calling lines 1 & 2 they ring extensions (no issues). Line 3 rings aa and plays prompt 5 (pressing 1,2,4,6 transfers as required, plays prompt 6). Any other input prompt 7 plays then after 5 seconds prompt 5 replays

I need the sub menu prompt9 to play when user selects option 3.

Any help is appreciated.


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Alberto Montilla Mon, 01/25/2010 - 09:49
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Dear Sir;

I suggest you check the /docs/DOC-9848. Check "Writing and auto attendant script" section (page 137 approx), and check syntax for example 2. You should follow same way.


caniwijay Mon, 01/25/2010 - 10:47
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Thank you for your response.

If I use  "Example 2: Routing Calls with a Departmental Sub-Menu" starting from page 140 of the manual I still can not get it to recognize or play a sub menu.

Script from manual:

Using the above script and using:

AA Dial Plan 1 = (<3:101>|<2:102>|<4:104>|<6:106>)

AA Dial Plan 2 = (<3:101>|<2:102>|<4:104>|<6:106>)

AA answers and plays prompt 1. Upon key press 2,3,4,6 prompt 2 is played and I am not transferred to correct extension (nothing happens). Upon key press 1 prompt 3 is played. Any other entry and prompt 3 is played.

I have tried innumerable computations and configurations and can not get a sub menu to play. If the script above (or from my original post) have errors I would really appreciate it if you could please point these out.


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