mightyking Tue, 01/19/2010 - 18:47
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Does the router show the right time? You can use "clock timezone TimeZone HoursOffset" in the case the time in the router is not right.
is the router syncronized with an NTP server? What is the output of the "show ntp status"?
Does it show that the router is synchronized with the ntp server?
Also make sure you have the correct firmware load for the phones on the router.

Check the following for the firmware:


I used the clock set hh:mm:ss <1-31> MONTH YEAR command to set the router clock in privileged mode.

Then went in telephony-service config mode and used the time-zone command to set the timezone.

Created a cnf file with create cnf-files in telephony-service mode.

Rebooted the phones and they displayed the correct time.

hope this helps.



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