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Jan 21st, 2010
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Hi there.

I want to do this, but I cannot find the correct answer.

A call (external) enters the system, but the secretary is not in his/her place (A) at the moment. Customer prefer to configure a Pickup group (A+B+C), because they work in a close environment, and don't want a hunt/blast group so all phones ring or call waits for too long. Until someone pick up the call (B or C), intended secretary phone (A) should still ring, until someone pick it up or Unity takes over... so far so good.

Another person (B or C) picks up the call, but it was not intended for him/her, so he knows the extension for whom the calls is intended (in another floor/room, say Z), outside the huntgroup and tries to transfer it. The problem here is that no matter what I try, the transfered is a _consulted_ one, so the call doesn't return to this person, say B or C, after a while, => call is lost. It behaves like a blind transfer, but originator hear the MoH. If call is rejected verbally B or C cannot re-capture the call. Originator is hung up.

The weird thing is that, when calls enters the system, A is absent (the secretary), B picks up, then B transfer to A because he think the secretary is back, but if he/she is not, then AFTER a while, calls return to B !!! which works perfectly as intended, only with A and B, or A and C.

Now, to some info, because this scenary is for real: B and C are 7911 configured as dual-line.

System is CU520 and A is a 7960 [this has to be the key]. Z (the phone in another room) is 7911 too dual-line

What I have tried:


   transfer-system ANY-CONFIG-HERE (<--- this doesn't work for the aforemention scenario)

   transfer-system full-consult dss (<-- without it, transfered calls from A to any becomes full blind!?!?!)

ephone-dn 99 dual-line (<---B)

   transfer-mode consult   (<---this doesn't work either)

This has to work for any call intended for the pickup group... or at least for B.

What do I need to search for, conference, hold, transfer, settings? I tried to resolve this temporally with a Park Slot, but that was not the intended behavior.

Correct Answer by Steven DiStefano about 7 years 1 month ago

On a dual line, there are only two calls for that DN.  We cant have a third call or a consultative hold.

So maybe per design.

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Steven DiStefano Sat, 02/13/2010 - 15:14
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On a dual line, there are only two calls for that DN.  We cant have a third call or a consultative hold.

So maybe per design.

franciscofossa Sun, 02/14/2010 - 02:37
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This would answer why we have a consultative on hold with a 7960. I am confused as to which telephone actually "hold" the call.

Configured as dual-line, a 7911 can put a call on hold, start a new call on second line to make a consult, and then transfer the call. This is complicated for most users.

I resolved it with the call-park function. Somehow users found that more easier to understand.


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