CCME 4.3 and Music On Hold

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Jan 22nd, 2010

Hi peoples,

I need to help about CCME 4.3. I configured the telephony-service with moh, i'm using CIPC but dont play moh configured

load 7971 SCCP70.8-3-3S.loads
load 7970 SCCP70.8-3-3S.loads
max-ephones 10
max-dn 50
ip source-address port 2000
no service directed-pickup
system message Cisco System's Corporation
date-format dd-mm-yy
max-conferences 16 gain -6
transfer-system full-consult
create cnf-files version-stamp 7960 Jan 23 2010 07:19:38

What can to do for solve this problem?

Thank you

I have this problem too.
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Paolo Bevilacqua Fri, 01/22/2010 - 20:43

Normally, moh is nt played for internal callers.

Call from an outside line and you will hear it.

Jefferson Islan... Mon, 01/25/2010 - 06:33

Hi p.bevilacqua,

I need to play MOH with inside calls. How can to configure my system to play the MOH?

Thank you

rob.huffman Mon, 01/25/2010 - 07:03

Hi Jefferson,

You will need to use IP Multicast. Have a look;

Restrictions for Music on Hold

IP phones do not support multicast at 224.x.x.x addresses.

Cisco Unified CME 3.3 and earlier versions do not support MOH for local Cisco Unified CME phones that are on hold with other Cisco Unified CME phones; these parties hear a periodic repeating tone instead.

Cisco Unified CME 4.0 and later versions support MOH for internal calls only if the multicast moh command is used to enable the flow of packets to the subnet on which the phones are located.

Internal extensions that are connected through an analog voice gateway (Cisco VG 224) or through a WAN (remote extensions) do not hear MOH on internal calls.

Multicast MOH is not supported on a phone if the phone is configured with the mtp command or the paging-dn command with the unicast keyword.

Here is how to set this up

From this excellent CME doc;

Configuring Music on Hold

Hope this helps!


Jefferson Islan... Mon, 01/25/2010 - 08:59

Thank you for you attention. I configured my router with document that send me, but tried to play MOH inside call between extensions numbers and not play moh audio file. I enable debug ephone moh and receive this errors message:

.Jan 25 16:50:24.173: skinny_get_moh_from_codec no file, no moh_live_feed
.Jan 25 16:50:24.173: ifs_lseek flash: unable to seek to 0
.Jan 25 16:50:24.173: ifs_lseek flash: to unable to seek to 0
.Jan 25 16:50:24.173: skinny_get_moh_from_codec no file, no moh_live_feed

I attached my router configuration

Thank you


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