ICM/IPCC Enterprise: Load Balancing between 2 IVRs using System PG

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Jan 25th, 2010


I have a question and I am not able to see the solution. I have 2 IVR type 9 configured into a System PG with two IVR pims. The problem is that when I perform a call, the call always goes to IVR number 2 and if I stop this IVR, the system doesn't work. I have verified that all is well configured, but I don't where the problem resides.

Any ideas?


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david.macias Mon, 01/25/2010 - 11:39

Is the PIM active for this IVR?  Are all the same applications loaded to both IVRs?  Before load balancing you might want to ensure that both IVRs can function independently.


dchumbley Mon, 01/25/2010 - 11:51

Check the IVR1 MIVR logs to see if the calls are even being routed to that IVR.  If they are then look in those logs for any errors that will indicate why calls are failing on it.  If calls aren't being routed at all to IVR1 then run rttest to check the status of the IVR1 and also check the TrunksInService variable.  This will let you know what the Router thinks the status of IVR1 is and why it may not be routing calls to it.

antonio.vazquez Tue, 01/26/2010 - 00:41

Thank you for your answers.

David, I have verified that both PIMs are active.

Dchumbley, I have execute rttest status and this is the response:

Controller           LastStateChange             LastHeartBeat
IPCCSystem,1     CFO 01/21 08:40:55 (4.9 day)    01/26 08:33:44 (15 sec)
MediaRouting,2   CFO 01/18 12:28:40 (7.8 day)    01/26 08:33:57 (2 sec)

Peripheral           LastStateChange             LastHeardFrom
BADialer         CO  --                          01/18 12:28:43 (7.8 day)
CallManagerPIM   COS 01/22 12:45:24 (3.8 day)    01/26 08:33:51 (8 sec)

I have tested the following scenario:

If I have configured the network VRU with a label from the first IVR, the call arrives to first IVR, but if I configure 2 labels for both IVRs, the call always arrives the second IVR.

Any ideas?


david.macias Tue, 01/26/2010 - 05:00

In the rttest under peripherals, you should see all your peripherals, but you only see UCM and the dialer.  Are you sure the IVRs are configured?  If you go to PG explorer how are they configured?


antonio.vazquez Tue, 01/26/2010 - 06:45


I have found the problem. The problem was that I have misconfigured the network VRU bank for each label. Indeed of configure the correct VRU bank, I had configured 'Network_VRU'  as Network VRU Bank.

I have configured each label with each correct Net Vru Bank and all starts to work fine.

Thank you for your help.



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