LMS Notification message for power of a switch module

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Jan 26th, 2010

I'd like to know how to deal with this alert: what exactly does this mean: here are some of the output from the show commands i have done on the switch. please do advice if i have missed something here.

IT-swi-in-pjtc-1#sh environment status power-supply 1
power-supply 1:
  power-supply 1 fan-fail: OK
  power-supply 1 power-output-fail: OK
IT-swi-in-pjtc-1#sh environment status power-supply 2
power-supply 2:
  power-supply 2 fan-fail: OK
  power-supply 2 power-input: AC high
  power-supply 2 power-output-fail: OK

IT-swi-in-pjtc-1#sh environment status module 8
module 8:
  module 8 power-output-fail: OK
  module 8 outlet temperature: 47C
  module 8 inlet temperature: 27C

EVENT ID                = 0002NNA

ALERT ID                = 00001W2

TIME                    = Tue 26-Jan-2010 09:03:13 CAT

STATUS                  = Active

SEVERITY                = Critical

MANAGED OBJECT          = IT-swi-in-pjtc-1

MANAGED OBJECT TYPE     = Switches and Hubs

EVENT DESCRIPTION       = HighUtilization::Component=PSR-IT-swi-in-pjtc-1/8 [CPU of Module 8] [CPU of Module 8];ComponentClass=Processor;ComponentEventCode=1058;CurrentUtilization=100  %;UtilizationThreshold=90;



I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Tue, 01/26/2010 - 16:11

This event has nothing to do with the show commands you collected.  This event says that the CPU of module 8 of device IT-swi-in-pjtc-1 was at 100%.  It has nothing to do with any environmental problem.  I'm not sure what module 8 is exactly, but something is taking up all of its CPU time.  You should identify what that is, and see if the process or task is misbehaving.


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