ICM Router is not adding the Corelation ID into the Label.

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The logs show that the VRU transfer label is set to a 7 digit number - 9999999. Why have you chosen this number?

The logs certainly show the Router constructing the correlation ID.

17:26:08 ra-rtr Trace: Correlation id for dialog (47 x 0 : 0 0) is (10135).
17:26:08 ra-rtr Trace: Dialog (47 x 10135 : 0 0) transfer label = 9999999
17:26:08 ra-rtr Trace: TransferConnect sent. Dialog (47 x 10135 : 0 0) pending
17:26:08 ra-rtr Trace: Unknown dialed number (9999999) - and NO default call types
17:26:08 ra-rtr Trace: Deleting Dialog (42 x 0 : 0 0).

The conventional setting for this is the 10 digit number 8111111111. The dial peer that catches this on the voice gateway is usually specified as 8T, catching the number 8111111111. You may be wiser to go with the flow.

If you do want to use a 7 digit number you must configure the Call Server so that it knows where the correlation ID starts. There is a setting for the length of the DNIS - the default is 10. You need to have this as 7 - and cycle the Call Server.

Did you make this adjustment?

My suggestion is to stick with the recommended 8111111111.




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