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Jan 27th, 2010

Hi All,

I have a problem and am wondering if the gathered knowledge can help me....

For messages matching a certain criteria, I wish to let the original message go to its destination but BCC a copy to a different e-mail address. However, I also want to expose any BCC recipients by inserting the $enveloperecipients variable into the message body of the BCC'd copy...._not_ the original.

I know that using $enveloperecipients in a message footer works fine (as I can't see any way to insert text directly into a message body without using the 'find and replace' edit-body-text method....but what I want to do is insert this footer _only_ into the BCC copy.

So my problem is primarily, how do I modify the BCC copy with this extra recipient information without affecting the original message?

Putting $enveloperecipients into the bcc action as part of the subject kind-of works but not so well if the recipents list is large and the original message subject is long.

Thanks for reading, hope someone might have some pointers!

Cheers, Chris.

I have this problem too.
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