SNMP Question for NX-OS on 5000 series

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Jan 28th, 2010
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I'm trying to use SNMP to talk to my 5000 series switches (with 2148 switches in tow).  I'm trying to do it in such a way as to represent the full hierarchy of the switch, along with the status of each of the ports.

Currently, I'm using the entPhysicalTable to determine what switches are connected, which modules are in place, and the ports that on the modules.  However, I'm having trouble finding a map and/or algorithm for getting from these rows to the proper rows in the ifTable.  I thought that I had a handle on the process, but have since hit a snag with different versions of firmware.  Some of my switches are running 4.1(3)N1(1a), but a few are still on 4.0(1a)N2(1a).  This seems to be making a difference as to how the ports are ordered.  There also seems to be a difference depending on the expansion modules that I have on my 5000.  If I'm using a N5K-M1008, those ports are mapped differently than if I've got a N5K-M1404 in place.

Each time that I think I find an answer that I can use, another variable cuts me off.

Is there a consistent approach to this mapping?  Even if it is firmware dependant?


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wbenton-0 Thu, 01/28/2010 - 19:00
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Each vendor has their own firmware with their own bugs and problems and not yet implemented SNMP architecture related hazards.

If your mainly interested in finding out port mappings, LLDP is a wonder protocol for finding out just that.  It's a lot simpler than SNMP.  Just turn on LLDP and use the LLDP commands to find out what's what.

Reference Documentation: (Page 20)



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