Small Business Monitoring System Software Glitch

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I have one WVC210 camera that is working just fine wirelessly running 1.1.0 firmware. I initially installed the Small Business Monitoring System Software version 1.2.0 and had no trouble finding the camera and seeing the video. However, the entire (computer) monitor begins to randomly blink off and then back on every few seconds. That is, the entire screen goes black for several (1-5) seconds at a time and returns to normal several seconds at a time - but very randomly. The computer is functioning normally - it's just the video to the monitor that is affected. Otherwise my XP SP3 computer is lightly loaded and rock stable. Whenever I disable the camera, within the SBMS software, the blinking stops. When I end the program the blinking stops. I upgraded to the latest version 1.2.1 but nothing changed. I can view the camera and control it without any problem through the browser. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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For kicks I installed the SBMS software on another XP SP3 PC within the same network and it works fine on that machine. I'm thinking that it's an incompatibility that exists between SBMS software and my ATI Radeon 9250 graphics card/driver. I have the latest driver for the card and the driver was last released in November of 2006. I don't expect ATI/AMD to be releasing any new driver any time soon so I think this is a dead end problem that won't be fixed. Drat!


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