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Feb 1st, 2010

Hi to all,

I'm implementing  a WLC2106 for a small Voice WLAN environment using all the Blueprint settings defined in the CCO documents ("Voice WLAN designing" and "Cisco 7921 Implemenation Guide..").

In these documents the Voice WLAN configuration examples are always setup using the WLAN as Local Authentication and Local Switching without mentioning if the use of H-REAP will be also fine!

Since on my WLC I've to setup also a Data WLAN which will use H-REAP, I would live to know if H-REAP is also working fine configured on a Voice WLANs? Or should I use it only for Data WLANs?

Tnx for the feedback


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Leo Laohoo Mon, 02/01/2010 - 14:14

We tested HREAP with Cisco 7921/7925 and turned off the controller.  The wireless handsets didn't lose the call and I was able to make/take calls. 

oguarisco Tue, 02/02/2010 - 01:16

Hi leolaoho,

Thnx a lot for the useful information!

Could you please indicate me the following information regarding the controller/phone settings:

- WLC OS version

- Phone 7921 Firmware

- WLC EAP settings (I suppose you're doing EAP Auth - 802.1X CCKM with WPA TKIP as stated by CCO BluePrint)

- WLC Radio settings

I ask you these info, if it's possible, because in our Voice WLAN we are experiencing some problems regarding the 7921G which sometimes disconnect itself from the WLAN obviously creating a big problem to the user...since it seems to happen everytime he's on the line

many thanks


George Stefanick Wed, 02/03/2010 - 19:02


Cisco 7921 and 7925 have a great syslog feature. I would enable it and see what this tells us ... Go ahead and post your findings ...

Leo Laohoo Wed, 02/03/2010 - 20:01

WLC firmware:
Phone firmware:  1.3.3

WPA+TKIP, 802.1X CCKM  and default radio settings.

oguarisco Wed, 02/10/2010 - 08:13

Hi to all,

thanks for your info...I've rechecked again and again the WLC configuration regarding the 11a radio configuration and all is fine...

The WLC OS and Phone FW are the same as you mentioned above...

I've done a Site Survey using the 7921G and two other IP phone (another 7921G and a 7925G) and all were experiencing randomly disconnections from the Wireless LAN...the 7925 had the best behaviour since it had been disconnected only a couple of times...the 7921G not...

On the Site-Survey we've seen that the 7921G had seen 2 out of 3 APs...sometimes all threes, the 7925G had seen always all 3APs...

the strange thing is that the 7921G Site-Survey has informed me that Proxy-ARP is not supported...but from WLC Release 5.0 Proxy-ARP is enabled by default and you couldn't disabled..morever the disconnections are happening less when on the phone there is an active call..

I'm start to thinking that these randomly disconnections are related to external interference...


j.reinbold Tue, 02/16/2010 - 03:15


check this for your client dropings: seen in config guides greater than V 5.0

When you enable hybrid-REAP local  switching, the Learn Client IP  Address check box is enabled by default. However, if the client is  configured with Fortress Layer 2 encryption, the controller cannot learn the  client IP address, and the controller periodically drops the client. Disable  this option so that the controller maintains the client connection without  waiting to learn the client IP address. The ability to disable this option is  supported only with hybrid-REAP local switching; it is not supported with  hybrid-REAP central switching.


oguarisco Tue, 02/16/2010 - 23:10

HI Jacky,

thnx for the info; i've disabled it and I'll let you know asap



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