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Feb 1st, 2010


I'm looking to implement QRT for a pool of users as a trial to a wider implementation; is there anyway to add to the category's or are they pretty much locked as the set ones? We're running CUCM 7.0(2a). Are there more categories in later releases (or plans to increase the categories)?


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keithtudge Mon, 02/01/2010 - 08:53

I 'm happy with the current options and agree they cover all the bases; however I am expecting our user base to come up with suggestions for other fields or want to report 'minor gripes' that they might not bother raising a support call for - little things like 'incorrect display name'; In the 'Can't make calls' field, I suspect they'll want an option for "your call cannot be completed as dialled' and such like.

Jonathan Schulenberg Mon, 02/01/2010 - 12:26

That's an interesting angle. Not that this is the answer you were hoping for but your best bet to get that sort of thing would be to use the phone XML SDK to write an XML service that they can access from the phone. It could auto-generate an incident in your ticketing system on their behalf.


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