LMS32 running very slow, RME Services (Wintel) showing stopping.

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Feb 4th, 2010

In the past few days I have had a very sluggish response on the platform.

I am now getting errors when opening rme and or processes window.

I checked the wintel srv08 services and all looks fine but the RME db service shows stopping, reboot does not help.

Additionally SMTP alerts have stopped.

Additionally I have a lot of what appears to be Java heap dumps dated over the past couple of weeks.

Any heads up on any of the above?


Correct Answer by Joe Clarke about 7 years 2 weeks ago

If you've already opened a case, I would recommend you work that issue there.  If you need further help on the SR, you can always escalate.

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Joe Clarke Fri, 02/05/2010 - 10:21

Post the full output of the pdshow command as well as the list of files under NMSROOT/databases/rmeng.

rtuttle Mon, 02/08/2010 - 13:32

Good day Joe the answer man!

Been awhile since we last spoke. I was pulled off to go install Tivoli. Oh what fun.

Please find the two files attached with the information requested.

My boss "mandated" that I open a TAC case and I did.

Hi Richard,

My name is Siddarth and I am the technical lead for Dheeraj, who is assisting you on Service Request 613585997.

Dheeraj, is on leave today, so I wanted to check if the issue that you were facing is resolved by the troubleshooting steps provided by the Engineer.

I see that you need to setup a down-time, in order to stop the ciscoworks process and apply the steps.

If you need any assistance in running the below steps, please feel free to contact me and I will help you.

a. Stop CiscoWorks daemon manager from the command line:

net stop crmdmgtd

b. Kill the process dbsrv10.exe from the task manager.

c. Go to \CSCOpx\databases\rmeng

d. Remove or rename rmeng.log (if exists)

e. Go to \CSCOpx\databases\rmeng> directory and type:

dbsrv10 -f rmeng.db

f. Restart CiscoWorks daemon manager:

net start crmdmgtd


Siddarth Motwani
Team Lead, NMS
Cisco Systems, Inc.

E Mail:- [email protected]

Mon to Fri : 09:00 AM- 06:00 PM (EST)

I just finished doing the above, however had to reboot since all the other CW services had stopped. After reboot it came up better, however in CS for example the process status dialogue box just sits there.

SMTP alerting of ALOT OF THRESHOLD VIOLATIONS  IN HUM. Still not functioning. ????

I appreciate any insight you may have. Thanks Joe.


(and yes, while I was away for several months nothing, I mean nothing was done on this box. So when a failur happened it was me with bus tracks....)

I still seem to have an issue with syslog purging...

Correct Answer
Joe Clarke Mon, 02/08/2010 - 13:43

If you've already opened a case, I would recommend you work that issue there.  If you need further help on the SR, you can always escalate.


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