Wireless Mesh topology parent child optimization. How do you force a reconfig?

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Feb 7th, 2010

Release 6 controller

9 Mesh APs. 1524 (2x 5G radios, 1x 2.4G)  and 1522 (1x 5G radios, 1x 2.4G)

Designed for 3 linear hops and then a split to the rest.

AP1 = Root AP

linear to


Linear to


Linear to


equidistant to

AP5 and AP6

The rest are further away from AP4, but have visibility back to AP 4

The issue is after an event (say a power outage) at AP4.

AP5 uses AP3 as it's parent.

That's okay during the power failure, but when AP4 comes back up, I want to force AP5 to switch it's parent to AP4.

You may ask why, if AP5 can reach AP3 okay, it's okay to leave it that way.

Well, doing link tests...

test   --------packet loss %-----

speed  AP3toAP5 AP3toAP4  AP5-AP4

=====  =======  =======   =======

54M     100        0         0

48M     100        0         0

36M      52.6      0         0

24M       1.44     0         0

18M       0.89     0         0

So you can see it's desireable now that AP5 uses AP4 as it's parent.

Over time, the system might figure it out, but our limited experience shows it seems to stick to the way it is.

To complicate matters, sometimes we've found that it doesn't seem to reconfigure when the channel number has changed so AP5 can reach AP3, but AP4 (1524) comes up with a different channel on it's downlink radio.

So, how can we force a mesh topology reevaluation/change for either 1 AP or the whole bridge group?

I thought changing the bridge speed from "auto" to 54M (on AP3 above, for example) might force the attached children to rethink it, but it didn't seem to work (maybe I needed to wait an hour?).

I also thought tweaks to "Radio Performance Profile" for radio might help. (not sure what to change, or how long to wait for a result)

suggestions on how to quickly reconverge?

reseting APs and hoping they come back in a better topology is painful and slow.

Thanks - Glen

I have this problem too.
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jamiedoherty Sun, 10/03/2010 - 06:21

Glen, I know this is a very old topic but we are suffering from similar conditions on our end.  Even using directional antennas we are having a difficult time having the Mesh network consistently optimize itself.  Did you guys ever find a tweak that worked for you to have the system re-evaluate the connection by packet loss on speed?


ggovier Tue, 10/12/2010 - 13:20

no, and I think the mesh topolgy fails to account for the difference between an AP with 2 backhaul radios (3 total including 2.4G access) and an AP with just 1 5.4G backhaul/mesh. But I haven't been on that system for quite a while.


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