SFP Support for the Catalyst 2350

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Feb 8th, 2010


I am looking for a relatively cheap, top of rack data centre switch with wire rate performance and 10Gbps upgradeability. I do not require Layer 3 or any advanced stacking features. Looking through the product portfolio the Catalyst 2350 fits the requirements perfectly. The only problem is it doesn't appear to support the Singlemode SFP....

Is this a typo on the data sheet, or an omission ? Or did Cisco simply pull support for this SFP on this switch ? Strangely enough according to the data sheet the switch supports the Multimode SFP on the TwinX converter, so I find it unbelievable that they wouldn't support the Singlemode.

Are there any plans to roll out support for the singlemode via a software update ? Surely the hardware is capable of supporting the Singlemode ?

Thanks in advance.


I have this problem too.
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Reza Sharifi Mon, 02/08/2010 - 13:12

Hi Chris,

This is interesting.  This switch supports 10Gig Single-mode but not 1Gig SFP Single-mode or there is no mention of it in the Data Sheet.

If there isn't a big price difference, I go with a 3560 instead.


Leo Laohoo Mon, 02/08/2010 - 14:49

2350 supports TwinGig converters (converting a 10Gb port to 2x1Gb ports) and it does support GLC-SX-MM (Mutli-Mode).

Reza Sharifi Mon, 02/08/2010 - 15:18


leolaohoo wrote:

2350 supports TwinGig converters (converting a 10Gb port to 2x1Gb ports) and it does support GLC-SX-MM (Mutli-Mode).

That is correct, but it does not support Single-Mode SFPs or it is missing in the data sheet.


Leo Laohoo Mon, 02/08/2010 - 15:29

I think I *may* know why it won't support GLC-LH-SM.  The switch is designed for top-of-the-rack server switch. It's wasn't envisioned in the business case the servers to be located far, far away, hence, the GLC-LH-SM is not supported and GLC-SX-MM and GLC-TX is supported for short-range.

The only way is to connect using X2-10GB-LRM.

cbeswick Tue, 02/09/2010 - 00:11

The SFP / 10Gb ports would never be used to connect to servers locally, but to the distribution switches. It makes perfect sense for distribution switches to be in diverse locations which if we are limited to Multimode at 1Gbps and 62.5 micron means the distribution switch can be no more than about 250 metres away which is a little rediculous if you ask me. Fair enough you get a little extra on 50 micron multimode, taking the distance to about 500 metres, but this is still no where near the 3km limit for Singlemode (or 10km that Cisco seem to support).

There is simply no justifiable reason for Cisco to leave out support for the Singlemode SFP on this switch.

I did look at other switches, but even the 3560v2 only has a forwarding performance of 32Gbps, which is roughly the same as a 2960G, plus it doesn't have scalability to 10Gb on the uplinks.


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