* wildcard on ephone-hunt - problem on dialplan

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I have CME on 2800 router being used as redundancy/SRST for CUCME 7.1(3).

My dialplan uses * (asterisk) symbol as part of directory number. For example, my directory number is *1132434352. Internally at my site user can dial each other using only the last four digits of directory number but to call someone from another site the user must dial the complete directory number.

In some sites, calls coming from PSTN should be forwarded to a hunt group which broadcast the call to two or more phones. I was able to do that using Hunt Pilot, Hunt List and Line Group on CUCM and works fine.

My problem starts when a site loose his connection to CUCM. At this moment the CME running on the local router takes place and the site phones register itselfs on the CME. Now I want to use a hunt-group of CME to provide a similar solution which I achieved using CUCM, but when I try to define the phones inside the "ephone-hunt x peer" using the "list" command I cannot use the * (asterisk), which is part of directory number, because this character is a reserved wildcard to define a slot for dynamic members on hunt-group.

Any idea how solve it?

Can Cisco change the character used in the "list" command to allow define numbers using *?



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