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Feb 10th, 2010


I am doing a CUCM Global UC implementation with H323 Gateways, 0 and 9 are mixed as PSTN access code. My question is how to implement + dialling.

The plan is to use Route-patter as below, one for each country code, should be about 170, put then in global partition using Local Route Groups:

\+46.! (((for Sweden)))


prefix 00046 ((0 for access code, 00 international code, 46 country code)))

Two questions hits me:

1. Our provider in Sweden does not support 0046 dialling when you call from and to Swedish destinations, of course if I dial 0044XXXXXX for example uk it works fine. However I am not sure if this is supported if your local breakout is in UK, so this is more of a global question, how the providers handle 00+Country code when dialling local numbers.

2. Second thing that hit me is that there is a mix of 0 and 9 for PSTN access codes, that means the global syntax above will not work hence it will only work with the access code 0, not 9.

If I would implement a site specific model I would end up with 170x300 sites = 51510 RP ?

I have a feeling that I am missing something here.

Any help would be appreciated to push me in the right direction.



I have this problem too.
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