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Feb 11th, 2010
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Hi I have a Windows XP client with IP and as default  gateway a router

I have assigned a second IP address  on the XP:

And I have installed an ASA:

interface  Ethernet0/0
  nameif Outside
  security-level 0
  ip address !
interface Ethernet0/1
  nameif  Inside
  security-level 50
  ip address

I  try to do a static port forwarding:

access-list  Outside_to_Inside extended permit ip any any

nat  (Inside) 1
static (Inside,Outside) tcp  www www netmask

access-group  Outside_to_Inside in interface Outside

Should the translation  work without changing the default gateway of the XP to ASA  (

In my case the translation does not work so far:

sh  nat
   match tcp Inside host eq 80 Outside any
      static translation to
     translate_hits = 0,  untranslate_hits = 2

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Matthew Warrick Thu, 02/11/2010 - 07:17
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Based on what you wrote the Windows XP host probably has a default route for all networks via its gateway.

You can inspect this by doing a:

netstat -nr from a command prompt.

In order for the responses to egress the proper interface on the XP client you will need the route to point to the gateway.

You can delete and readd the 10 network interface on the client so the 20 network becomes the default or manually delete the default route and add a persistent static route via the 20 interface.  Remember to use the -p switch on the route command if you want it to remain persistent across reboots.


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