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I am looking for a doc regarding the default parameters of an spa8k ata on release 6.1.3.  I have not really seen anything in the ata provisioning guide and in the release notes, I only see how to assign a line to a trunk group.  I would like to know the default values of the trunk group settings and the syntax needed to adjust any of those values.

I tried to use the spc tool on win32, but the utility does not run for me...just closes, so I can not get a default config file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Alberto Montilla Thu, 02/11/2010 - 10:41
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Dear Jayme;

You are on the right direction. SPC is a DOS tools, so open the DOS command line and type the executable name once you are on the right directory... once you type the executable name you will get all options for getting a template.



Thanks for the quick response.  I was able to get the linux version to create a txt file for me.  I do see the trunking params and line settings, as below

*** Trunking Parameters

Proxy_Debug_Option                              "none" ;  # options: none/1-line/1-line excl. OPT/1-line excl. NTFY/1-line excl. REG
/1-line excl. OPT|NTFY|REG/full/full excl. OPT/full excl. NTFY/full excl. REG/full excl. OPT|NTFY|REG
Phone_DLG_Refresh_Intvl                         "0" ;
Hunt_Policy                                     "onhook only" ;  # options: onhook only/any state
Call_Routing_Rule                               "(<:L1,2,3,4>[*#0-9A-D][*#0-9A-D].)" ;
Default_Group_Line                              "1,2,3,4" ;
Group_1_User_ID                                 "" ;
Group_1_Line                                    "1" ;
Group_2_User_ID                                 "" ;
Group_2_Line                                    "2" ;
Group_3_User_ID                                 "" ;
Group_3_Line                                    "3" ;
Group_4_User_ID                                 "" ;
Group_4_Line                                    "4" ;
Accept_All_MWI_As_Line                          "Current" ;  # options: Current/1/2/3/4

# ***

Line_Enable[1]                                  "Yes" ;
Trunk_Group[1]                                  "none" ;  # options: none/1/2/3/4

However, I do not see any options for setting the outbound proxy, etc for the trunk groups.....this is what I am looking for.



Alberto Montilla Fri, 02/12/2010 - 06:20
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Dear Sir;

Trunk parameters are lines 9-12 which corresponds to trunks 1-4. I checked it on FW version 6.1.3.



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