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I have created a log-out profile for each ephone that I want to have a extention mobility.

1) How does a user who has a logout profile login to another phone.  I tried adding the login button in the ephone-template softbutton config, but when I press that button on a phone I get a message that says "That key is not active here"

2) I have 7975G phones,  why do the phones that I assigned a logout profile to tie up two buttons and what does each button mean.  The top button is an icon of a phone with the users name and the next button down is an icon of a 3x4 keypad with the extention number next to it that when I press is a speedial that calls my self.  Wouldent I just need one button with the extention number since the users name is in the header bar at the top anyway?

3) When i enable a logout profile on an ephone the phone rings differently.  it used to be the standard cisco ring, now it is a short burst ring?>  WTH

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