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Feb 16th, 2010


I wan't to configure my Catalyst 3750.

My network is: /16

There 4 different sections

1. - 255 for Server's

2. - 255 for IPMI Interface's

3. - 255 for Client's (1)

4. - 255 for Client's (2)

I have created 4 ACL's

access-list 1 permit
access-list 2 permit
access-list 3 permit
access-list 4 permit

and 3 class-map's

class-map match-any remote
match access-group 1
match access-group 2


class-map match-all software1
match access-group 3

class-map match-all software2
match access-group 4


and 1 policy-map

policy-map marker
class remote
set ip dscp 1
class software1
set ip dscp 2
class software2
set ip dscp 3

I have add the policy-map to any Interface of the switch, because later I wan't that the clients

interface ....................
service-policy input marker

Now, all packets from the definied "areas" of my network are marked with a specific dscp value. But who can I configure Queues that match on the different dscp values?

My goal is that the Packets from Client's (1) always have 60% of the whole bandwidth guaranteed, Packets from Client's (2) 30%, and Packets from Server and IPMI 10% together. I also wan't, when the Client's(1) don't send packets, the other Applications(Server, IPMI, Client's(2)) have the full bandwidth and not only 30% or 10%. Clearly bandwidth guarantee and not a limitiation.

I hope you understand my question.



I have this problem too.
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peterderk Wed, 02/17/2010 - 01:40

Oh there is a problem. When I give an interface the policy map then pop up a error.


That means, only one match per class-map is supported !
When I erase one of the entrys in class-map remote like:

class-map match-any remote
match access-group 1

Then is all Ok and the error are not pop up.

Inside the 3750 are only 2 Queues for QoS, but I need 4 different settings. Has anybody a Ideafor a solution?



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