What is the difference on redirecting a URL and a server on ACE

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Feb 16th, 2010
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users come in on mysite.com--------different external IP and VIP

they get redirected to www.mysite.com---different external IP and VIP

looks like they are currently being redirected on the IIS server

how would i redirect them to a new url on the same server with a different external IP an VIP on the Loadbalancer?

the webhost redirection ?

would that involve the url redirect commant too?

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venkatkr Tue, 02/16/2010 - 16:37
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The ACE can do redirect using the webhost-relocation command. So the client comes back and hits the ACE again on the redirected rule

so in short

client hits www.mysite1.com

DNS resolves it ot VIP

ACE gets it and redirects it to http://www.mysite2.com

DNS resolves to vip

ACE terminates that traffic.

Is that what you were looking for ?


nygenxny123 Tue, 02/16/2010 - 17:42
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My concern is that the server team wants to redirect the urls to the same server ....

so the rserver for xample


rserver host serverwebsite

ip address


is associated in 2 server farms

servfarm host website1

rserver serverwebsite 80


and server host website2

rserver serverwebsite 80


so how would is it possible to redirect a url to another url on the same server with the same server ip

after a SSL handshake?

Gilles Dufour Wed, 02/17/2010 - 00:27
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ACE can intercept the request from the client before it is sent to the rserver.

So, you can catch whatever URL you want and without contacting the rserver send a redirect to a new vip.

The next request from the client to the new vip can then be loadbalanced to an rserver.

Does not matter if the rserver is being used in multiple serverfarm.

If you have problem to realise such a config, send us EXACTLY what you would like to do and your current config and we can guide you.


nygenxny123 Thu, 02/18/2010 - 08:41
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we have 2 external site...mysite.com and www.mysite.com.....both have their own vips on the loadbalancer

both go to the same server......the IIS on the server recirects so that the request without the "www" gets

redirected to www.

we are settingup a new site...and we would like the old site to get redirected to the newsite


here is a sample of the new site

we would like the 2 previous sites to be redirected to www.mynewsite.com

class-map match-all MYNEWSITE-WEB-VIP
  2 match virtual-address tcp eq https

class-map match-all MYNEWSITE-WEB-redirect
  2 match virtual-address tcp eq www

class-map type http loadbalance match-any HOSTHEADER       
  2 match http header Host header-value "mynewsite.com"
  3 match http header Host header-value "mynewsite.net"
  4 match http header Host header-value "www.mynewsite.net"

rserver redirect MYNEWSITE-WEB-redir
  webhost-redirection https://www.mynewsite.com/%p    

serverfarm redirect MYNEWSITE-WEB-redir
  rserver MYNEWSITE-WEB-redir

policy-map type loadbalance first-match MYNEWSITE-POLICY
  class HOSTHEADER                     
    serverfarm MYNEWSITE-WEB-redir
  class class-default
    sticky-serverfarm MYNEWSITE-WEB_cookie
    action urlrewrite

policy-map type loadbalance first-match MYNEWSITE-WEB-redir
  class class-default
    serverfarm MYNEWSITE-WEB-redir

policy-map multi-match VIPs
    loadbalance vip inservice
    loadbalance policy MYNEWSITE-POLICY
    loadbalance vip icmp-reply active
    appl-parameter http advanced-options HTTP_PARAMETER_MAP
    ssl-proxy server MYNEWSITE-WEB-PROXY
  class MYNEWSITE-WEB-redirect
    loadbalance vip inservice
    loadbalance policy MYNEWSITE-WEB-redir
    loadbalance vip icmp-reply active

Gilles Dufour Thu, 02/18/2010 - 23:27
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  • Cisco Employee,

Your config looks good.

what is the part not working ?

If the sites use different ip addresses, you will need new class-map to catch this traffic and use your redirect policy to redirect them to the correct site.


nygenxny123 Fri, 02/19/2010 - 14:10
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well it appears that the IIS itself was doing the redirect...

so we now i am having this problem

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rserver redirect MYNEWSITE-redir

  webhost-redirection https://www.myoldsite.com/%p


I get redirected fine…..up to the first “forward slash”

Server level (works)

https://www.mynewsite.com-------gets redirected to https:www.myoldsite.net/----good

Application level (works)

https://www.mynewsite.com/ARR---gets redirected to https://myoldsite.net/ARR----good

File level – doesn’t work:

https://www.mynewsite.com/ARR/LoginPKI.aspx---but this stays the same and doesn’t get redirected…..

do I need to add another %p on the rserver redirect MYNEWSITE-WEB-redir


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