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Is there any limit on nat capabolity on an ASA or is this dependent on ram/ cpu ?

I ask as i have 18 nat pools and 18 Global outside addresses ( a subnet per pool going to a single outside address pat / nat ). Each PC connection can have 100 + connections ( I know crazy ! ) through the same nat but on different TCP ports ...

Is there any technical limits on sessions/ connections/nats allowed or is the limit the asa size ( i have a 5510 256 mb ram ) in terms of mem and cpu .

We ar epeaking at about 9434  - I have read this unit with Plus s/ware can do a 100,000 + this the only limit ?

Guidance much appreciated ..........

I have this problem too.
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Panos Kampanakis Wed, 02/17/2010 - 08:56

Table 7 of will tell you the maximum number of connections.

It is really a matter of load and traffic that the ASA can handle and these are the advertised maximum numbers.

I think ith a 5510 and about 10K conns you won't have problem if the amount of traffic is not excessive (more than 100Mbps).

I hope it helps.



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