Bridge group supported with a comprehensive model of ucce

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Feb 17th, 2010
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Hello everybody,i had doubts if a bridge group on the Ingress/VXML gateway for 2 ethernets having a loopback can be supported with an ucce comprhensive deployment.The customer does not want to go with separate subnets for the ethernets and want to have one loopback.However since we just have once gateway so failure of a nic,or cable pulled should not cause a downtime.

Thanks in advance.

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ganeshraghuram Wed, 02/17/2010 - 13:34
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Hi Geoff thanks,we have a side a setup at Orlando and b at Florida.We have a single ingress/VXML gateways at each location and customer suggested to go with bridging on that gateway to avoid multiple subnet on the ethernets on each gateway,just to avoid any ethernet failure hampering the system.So i was not sure if Comprehensive supports a bridging on the gateway.Would this be proper to do so?

From the CVP point of view, you have two gateways, so that's fine.

How is the trunking organized from the carrier? How many Ts do you have at each of Orlando and Miami? Does the carrier offer this as one trunk group or do you have control in the cloud through something liek AT&T Route It?

If the VG fails at (say) Miami, how does the PSTN circuit "heal"?

I don't know much about bridging - sorry. The CVP recommendations often say to use the loopback address?




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