1131ag AP 802.11a Oper Status = DOWN

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Feb 17th, 2010

I have a Cisco 2106 WLC, and a 1131ag Access Point.  The 802.11a/g Radio "Operational Status" = DOWN.  All other Radios are UP.  I'm wondering if this is normal behavior as no clients are connecting to it over the 802.11a/g Radio.  Can someone confirm or provide help with fix.


I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Leo Laohoo about 6 years 8 months ago

On the main page, click the "Details" link under All APs.  Choose the AP and make sure under Status choose "Enable" from the drop-down menu.

When you console into the AP, are you sure it's Down/Down and not reset/down?

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Leo Laohoo Wed, 02/17/2010 - 13:48

1.  Did you enable the radios?
2.  Do you have power injectors or PoE?
3.  What's the firmware you are using?

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msekula Wed, 02/17/2010 - 14:31

Thanks for your reply.

1. How do I confirm if the "a" Radio is enabled.  I recall from initial configuration, I chose "All" - [Enable 802.11b,a,g = Yes to all]

* note: I have (3) other 1242ag Access Points installed with no problems - all Radios are UP.

2. Power Injectors.  My POE settings = Power Injector State is checked.  Power Injector Selection  = "Override".  When it was set to "Installed", Oper Status for all Radios were DOWN.

3. Firmware info:

Software version =

Boot version =

IOS version = 12.4(21a)JA

Mini IOS version =


Correct Answer
Leo Laohoo Wed, 02/17/2010 - 17:47

On the main page, click the "Details" link under All APs.  Choose the AP and make sure under Status choose "Enable" from the drop-down menu.

When you console into the AP, are you sure it's Down/Down and not reset/down?

msekula Fri, 03/19/2010 - 14:21

Just wanted to provide an update.  About 4 business days ago, I performed the following change on the AP, and so far the "802.11a/n Radio" has remained in an UP state for "Operational Status"

I changed the RF Channel Assignment from a Global configuration with value 161, to Custom with value 100.

I simply picked a channel between 36 and 161, as these were some of the automatic global assignments.

Let me know if there are any concerns with this settings change.  So far, it is holding.


Isuru Manikkage Mon, 11/30/2015 - 18:42

Hi All,

I am facing this issue on WLC 5508 on firmware for AIR-LAP1242AG-P-K9 APs. At least once a week I notice few APs have 802.11a radio operational status is down. But radio admin status is enabled.
So what I do it disable and enable back the admin status, then the operational status will come back to UP.
But issue is repeating around once a week. Any idea please?

Thank you.

Scott Fella Mon, 11/30/2015 - 18:51

Probably because those AP's are getting old and maybe flaking out.  You can try to upgrade the WLC code, but I don't think that would fix it to be honest. 


steven.t27 Thu, 11/08/2012 - 00:20

I am having the same issue but i have a 3502AP with a 5508WLC and getting the same issue

on the main page "monitor" Detail under all AP i dont have a Status tab to enable

Scott Fella Thu, 11/08/2012 - 05:15

You need to go to the wireless tab and then click on the ap. There you can enable or disable the ap. You also can go to the wireless tab and click on 802.11an or 802.11bgn in the left hand side and then find your ap. go all the way to the right side and you will see a blue triangle. Click that and then configure. This spot allows you to admin up or down that radio.

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Burak Bicer Wed, 11/21/2012 - 23:27

Hi all,

I'm facing the same operational status down issue with 4402 WLC and 1242,1310 APs.

Almost every day i found a couple of my APs in operationally down status.

When I controlled the poe status on wlc i see that, power injector state is checked  for 1242 APs but it is disabled for 1310s.

Also, the status for all access points under monitor --> All APs is enable.Mostly the problem occurs on  the APs operating in channel 11, can it be about channel configuration ?



Scott Fella Thu, 11/22/2012 - 05:54

I don't think it's an issue with the channel. If its the same AP's over and over then it just might be an issue with the ap. it's hard to say as there isn't one reason that a radio goes down. If you can look at the logs, that would be a great place to find info. Try to isolate the issue as much as possible... Is it the same AP's. could it be the power injector or PoE ports? Is it happening to AP's on the same switch or in a certain area? Since there is no one answer, you will need to really dig in deep and try to determine if its an issue with the AP or something else.

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